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Saturday, July 16, 2011



Had my tickets reserved to go see Sarah Palin's The Undefeated down in Orange tonight.  Bought and paid for, alternative routes worked out around the dreaded Carmageddon, everything scheduled.

Then the car erupts! Smoke, scary noises, ominous oozings, engine temp thru the roof... hadda have it towed the shop...

The funny thing, the funny, sinister, suspicious thing is, this isn't the first time this has happened.  When Deborah Leigh and I were headed down to Orange County to catch Sarah Palin's big rally down there...

Our car blew out on us then, too.

What did those two cars have in common?  CLEARLY, since they were both built by GM and the UAW, the only POSSIBLE explanation is that there is a massive secret conspiracy by the Obama Administration and its corrupt union lackeys to keep Deborah Leigh and I from attending Sarah Palin events.  For that matter, the timing of the so-called "Carmaggedon" also suggest the damned LA Democrats may be in on it as well.  Wouldn't put it past the tofu-snortin' bastiches.
Or, in the greater scheme, this could all be part of an ongoing Democratic plan to block all contact between Orange County and Los Angeles Republicans...

BUT WE WILL NOT BE THWARTED!  We got to that Sarah Palin rally then and we'll rent us a nice patriotic Jap beater and get to the movie tonight!  See y'all there....!

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Anonymous said...

We thought this car had been purged of the evil by the flags and magnets. Guess we need more magnets.

UPDATE: There is a God who guided the hand or our mechanic, Tim. He found the leak, poured a couple bottles of magic stop leak potion into the engine, and we were off. Even Carmageddon couldn't stop us, nor navigating the mega center where the theater is located. We arrived in plenty of time which gave us options for lunch. Take that evil! Conservatives 2 Progressives 0

The movie was a fine telling of Sarah's rise. Towards the end of the film, I whispered to Richard, "She's gonna run." It becomes rather apparent. The movie, including the music, builds to this conclusion. After seeing this, I'd take bets. If she does, what will it mean, other than driving the Left into their usual frenzie? Get your popcorn and sodas!

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