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Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Can't Make This Shit Up...

President Obama's National Labor Review Board is prosecuting a dead man and a dissolved company.  The corpse in question passed on before the union complaining was ever even recognized.
"I'll steal the gold out of your teeth — That's Social Justice!"

"...The Board granted the Acting General Counsel’s Motion for Default Judgment based on the Respondent’s failure to file an answer to the complaint. The Board found that the death of BLSI, LLC’s owner and the insolvency of his estate did not constitute good cause for the Respondent’s failure to answer the complaint."

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Anonymous said...

If ever there was ever a cautionary tale against unionizing, this is it. Besides the owner dieing, and the company being insolvent, the company hadn't even finalized becoming part of the union. So the union has no claim. Just another instance of union thugery.

Deborah Leigh

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