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Monday, July 11, 2011

Please forward this to all conservative media!

by Zuma Dogg

One Day
There is one day left before the special election runoff for the 36th California Congressional seat. Tomorrow, the people will vote.
We call on all members of the conservative media – local and national – to put aside, for just one day, their usual concerns to let their audiences know the following:
That Janice Hahn is another corruptocrat in the tradition of Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the rear-guard of the Democrat Party – George Soros, Jane Harman, and others of such ilk.
That no one who believes in free speech should ever support a politician who resorts topurchasing the local mediadeath threatshackers, “Cease and Desist” letters, intimidation, and thuggery to hide her sordid past and criminally incompetent mismanagement.
That only a monster of the worst sort would use a WWII War Hero’s image to imply that he has endorsed her. Against his will, and with repeated requests to stop.
No means no.
That only the worst kind of power lust would drive a person to pay ransom for peace. That way leads to criminal horrors.
And yes, we would consider any conservative media member’s failure to make note of Hahn’s thuggery today or tomorrow as nothing less than a passive-aggressive support of such tactics. Ignorance is no excuse.
All elections have consequences, even those halfway around the country. No election is unwinnable. There is no such thing as the Kobayashi Maru scenario.
Despite spending $1.25 million dollars, Janice Hahn is still running 50-50 against her opponent in a deep blue district! The election is July 12th! That’s tomorrow. Now is as good a time as any for you to step forward and fight for your country for a few moments, maybe even the entire day. Our posterity is worth it.
And no, we don’t want to hear any stupid carping about how “California is lost.” If you want to be a defeatist, go be a defeatist for the collectivist media. Liberty has enough fifthcolumnists to contend with.
No matter how high up the media chain you are (or think you are) you have to live in this nation with the rest of us. Even the greatest portion of success, fame, ratings and connections can’t protect you forever from the relentless grinding power of an almighty State.
“A republic, if you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this for me. Saves effort! And thanks for yours, overseas. ZD

richard mcenroe said...

Er... wasn't this yours? *oops*

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