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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let me tell you something about your "fake hero", Mr. Krugman...

NYT Enron Shill Paul Krugman calls Bush and Giuliani "Fake Heroes" of 9/11.

My brother was a NYC firefighter at the Towers.  He's one of the ones you see stumbling out of the dust cloud in the pictures... and then turning around and going back in.

He spent months after that working on recovery of bodies from the ruins, before he, like a lot of other NYC firefighters was forced to take an early retirmement with lungs like used blackboard erasers.

Every once in a while they'd find a body.  Or a piece of a body.  Or something that might have been a piece of a body once.  They took them to a special morgue that had been set up to identify the victims.

And every time that ambulance pulled into that morgue, Giuliani was there.  No cameras, no reporters, no press secretary handing out talking points.  Just Rudy Giuliani, there for his constituents and his firefighters.

My brother has nothing but good to say of Giuliani, and next to that testimonial, your cowardly little tantrum is meaningless.


lin said...

Both Rudy and W stood tall during that terrible time. Thank God that O-buma was not president when it happened. He would have launched into his blame America bleating, and the riots that would have followed would have made Watts seem tame by comparison.

Anonymous said...

The fakes are Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, and the rest of Krugman's heroes. Obama reading the Bible passages, Biden talking about patriots, Bloomberg banning first responders like Richard's brother, and the clergy. It was sickening. No Mister Krugman, President Bush and the others you pinned as fakes were the real deal. You probably could see that since you've never see reality before.

Deborah Leigh

william said...

GW & Rudy are leaders. They don't back down and they face any challenge anywhere. We also accept accountability for all their actions.

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