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Thursday, September 15, 2011

White House: NY9 means nothing to the God-King...

The White House says the Democrats' upset loss in NY9 is nothing to do with Barack Obama...

"Let's face it, the Democrats in this Congress have been a real disappointment for this Prophet, er, President, peace be upon him" said Press Secretary Jay Carney, thinking no one in the Press Corps could have an open mike. "We could use some fresh faces."

"OK, sure, they rammed healthcare down the public's throat and passed the first stimulus bill, but what have they done for us lately?  The public's pitching a hissy fit because their forty-year-old kids are moving back home for some reason; they don't have the brains to understand why a green job that costs four million dollars to create is a good job, and the Congress is doing nothing to clear that up.

"Hell, they want us to support small business?  We just spent half a billion dollars to create a small business, Solyndra, right, they're still unhappy, and Congress is just letting us dangle on this.

"For God's sake, we even gave them four new wars on top of the two those f***ing rednecks are already in love with and they're still bitching!  Congress?  Nada.

"So maybe a few more Democrats need to lose their seats so the rest of them will get with the program.  Believe you me, the President, may his loins be fruitful, is paying very close attention to where his endorsements are going to go next year.  The Democrats damn sure better keep that in mind."


Anonymous said...

What did he do for us?! You seem ungrateful for all his hardwork. He's trying to save the planet with green technology. Okay, that Solyndra thing didn't work out, but there's that other solar company...oh wait, that didn't work out either. Well, he does have the Chinese going solar. Oh wait. That's right. We're paying the Chinese to go solar. Pretty nice, since they make the panels, which leads us (cleverly, I might add) to the first Stimulus which was done to give America "shovel ready jobs". And it did for Los Angeles, at least. The created 52 jobs out of 111 billion. Nice work if I could get it, but for some reason.... He's been checking on some bridges, which he says are dire need of repair, so let's do Stimulus II, the sequel. He doesn't want the bridges to fail. They might have grandma on it, and bridges over deep canyons are as dangerous as cliffs. The grand kids will miss her, but the little ones will surely miss the good times at her house. Alas, it was foreclosed. Obama has asked Barney Frank to get right on that, so we know it will get fixed. He's only asking the greedy rich to pay their fare share. So all those selfish business owners who could use a tax break should just pony up. Oh Obama cares. Hey, he even had a beer with the Marine that was awarded the Medal of Honor today. What more do you want of him? Next thing you'll be putting down all of Michelle's good efforts.

Deborah Leigh

RebeccaH said...

Heh heh, like the photo. I call that the SS DNC.

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