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Monday, June 8, 2009


California unions call for broader, steeper tax hikes to keep paying for civil service jobs.

Sacramento mulls an increase in the state income tax to 15%.

If the Republican Party had a brain in its ass, it could take back California.

It does not have a brain in its ass. There was a major Tea Party event planned for LA on the 4th of July. Local GOP leadership are now agitating to call it a "celebratory picnic" instead of a Tea Party. On the 4th of July. The anniversary of the most important 'tax protest' in Western European history.

Right. A nationwide movement with name recognition representing across the spectrum public sentiment that drives Democrats crazy. Let's get the hell away from that.

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kc said...

My motto for many years has been "People Are Dumb."

I am seldom disappointed, have not yet had to rethink my stand. Thanks for more proof.

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