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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plastic President meets Plastic Jesus...

Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush... not that he's, y'know, picked a church yet er nuthin...

"I presume they aren't counting every time He says "I" either." snarks Drew M. over at Ace of Spades (see links below).

I don't mind when he says 'Jesus'. I don't mind when he says 'I'. It's when he throws his arm around the Pieta and says 'We' that I get nervous.

Not least because of the feel he cops off the Madonna.

Anyway, MY jesus don't need no political hacks' help...

"When we scourge those moneylenders this time, they're gonna stay scourged..."


kc said...

Richard, did you see this - http://prairiecat-kc.blogspot.com/2009/04/from-glennbeckcom-i-dont-care-if-it.html - post of mine? Fits right in with your view of BarryO, doesn't it?

RebeccaH said...

You know, there are some religious groups who would say (with some justification) that all this Obama worship is kind of blasphemous. And then there's the rest of us who say it's damn ridiculous, but sort of scary, y;kbow, contemplating all those personality cults like Kim Jong Il, and Stalin, and Hitler, and like, those guys.

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