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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chicago Rules Are Now In Effect

As all of my readership in the high severals knows, I have participated in approximately 700 +/- rallies in support of the troops and my political convictions since the start of the second Iraq War. One reason for that high number is the weekly rally I hold in Studio City with several other folks. We normally stage it on Friday evenings, but since we spent this Friday following Frumley Brooks around the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre telling him he dressed like a 'spontaneous' health care supporter, we held it last night, Saturday, instead.

This dude approaches us and starts complaining about our health care signs:

He claimed to be a Canadian with dual American citizenship. When we asked him if he approved of Canadian health care, he said he had an American health care plan. When we starting quoting him passages from the health bill, he started screaming about Rush Limbaugh. Would not believe we got information from any other source. (Note: none of us listen to Rush since we work and our bosses won't let us.) At this point I wrote him off and went on about my business, The light on the corner changed, and I started across the street to work the oncoming traffic.

He starts screaming "Get the sign out of my face! Get that sign out of my face!" I said, "It's a public street," and kept walking.

He starts trying to shove me out of the crosswalk. I have whatcha might call a low center of gravity and don't shove well.

Then he hooks a rabbit punch into my short ribs from behind.

I turned around, which surprised him, stuck a straight left back into his face, which surprised him more since he was about six inches taller than me, and said, "Do that again."

He took off.

I've been punched before, and reasonably expect I'll be punched again in my lifetime. But I'm gonna start working closer to my corner for a while since I have no doubt that these heroes will start going after the handicapped woman in the chair if they're given the chance.


Christoph said...

What bastards.

I'm a Canadian, I see the good and the bad in the Canadian health care system (I'm generally opposed to it, but have even worked for it as a health care beaurocrat), and this fascist makes my blood ... boil?

No, not exactly. At least he picked on a man, although he cowardly attacked from behind.

He makes me puke in his general direction with disgust.

Go freedom. Go America. Go protestors. Go reasonable debate.

Down with totalitarian tactics directed from the White House... and Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Richard! That cretin tried to sucker punch you, and then ran like the coward that he is. I expect that we all need to keep an eye out for cowards as well. The lefties are escalating the violence, and we need to stand our ground.

I know quite a few Canadians, or people with relatives in Canada. And very few of them appreciate the non-health system that reigns in that nation. As did that coward you met, even if he won't admit.

Assuming that he's Canadian in the first place. You can always tell when lefties are lying: their lips are moving.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. No, wait. I find it entirely (if unfortunately) believable. Those people are deranged.

And, Richard, may I say, you have me swooning.



Christoph said...

Swooning or ovulating?

kc said...

Christoph, Rebecca and I are too old to ovulate - but we can swoon with the best of 'em!

Richard, you are a True American Patriot, and I am proud to call you my friend.

NashvilleBeat said...

Richard, allow me to extend my appreciation for your patriotism and aggressive response to physical intimidation by a craven bully. It seems to me that you could use a wingman to cover your six with a combat camera (and maybe an ASP). I would be glad to forward my resume.

richard mcenroe said...

Nash, the e-mail's up top. Camera's cool, hold off on the ASP, I think.

If you're in LA, there are three big events scheduled. One is tomorrow night, Tuesday the eleventh, at the Alhambra Public Library, where our ONE member of our brave LA Congressional delegation is holding our ONLY town hall unless he chickens out.

Then on the 22nd, there is a large rally scheduled for Henry the Snout Waxman's office down at the Federal Building.

Then of course, September 12th is the big national rally, the LA area one being held down in Long Beach, I think.

christian soldier said...

glad that your weekly rally has several people--
the 'lone wolf' gets picked off and the libs always go after lone marchers - grandmothers or anyone that they perceive as weak...

Krav Maga training is good to have in one's background..:-)

richard mcenroe said...

FM 7-150 will get you through a cold night, too.

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