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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Has the President Lost the Arab Street...?

Jamil al-Taqqiyah is a fiery young nonpartisan
journalist who regularly reports
for NBC, Al-Jazeera and the BBC.
Three Beers Later is proud to offer him
his first blogging venue.

It is difficult for a nonbeliever to recognize what a proud moment it was for all of Islam in all its great world centers -- the Middle East, Indonesia, Africa, Holland, Britain, Sweden, Michigan -- when my (very) distant cousin Bari al-Taqqiyah stood up before the faithful and apologized for the many sins of the Great Satan and the perfidious Jews Zionists.

It was even charming when he pretended to forget the words of his speech for a moment, when a small machine near the podium fell over...

Yet, in all the days since his Cairo speech, the Arab world has noted a disturbing lack of any real action on the part of America's first truly devout President, that leads many to wonder if perhaps this great Democrat has not been entirely honest with us, unlikely as it may seem.

To this day, not one American bomb has fallen on one perfidious Jew Zionist....

Not one American tank has rolled through one perfidious Jew Zionist settlement...

And yet Americans keep bombing and shelling the crap out of our holy warriors in Afghanistan, no matter how many of our own women and children we hide behind...

Clearly, to a less charitable mind than my own, there could well be some sort of double standard here...

This concern might be allayed, somewhat, by Bari al-Taqqiyah's professed respect for Islamic culture. It is difficult to describe the wave of joy and enthusiasm that flowed through the women of Islam (it better have, ha-ha) when Bari declared that his Justice department would defend the wearing of the hijab. But if this matter is of such personal importance to him --

WHY DOES HE PERMIT HIS WOMAN TO EXPOSE HERSELF IN PUBLIC?! Assuming lewd postures in revealing clothing! Inflaming the faithful with naughty thoughts and sinful desires! Is this proper behavior of a first wife to the First Dhimmi of the Great Satan?!

Ya habibi.
Seriously. Burqa.
It's not just the law --
it's a bloody
good idea.

If cousin Bari cannot attend to important issues like this, it is becoming difficult to believe he might give lesser matters any more serious thought.

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