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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Potemkin Town Hall In Alhambra CA

The event, originally scheduled for a 200 seat library room, was sensibly moved out to the atrium between the Alhambra library and the high school. I'd say there were perhaps 1000 people present, tops.

The activity on the podium, hosted by Congressman Schiff (D. - Jihad) was a farce, of course. What was billed as a healthcare debate featured not one single speaker who opposed Obamacare. I don't want to say the questions were rigged, but the first question was allegedly asked by a seven-months pregnant woman concerned about being forced to enter the public option if she lost her current health coverage. I sort of lost the thread of the rambling answer when a woman came boiling out of the crowd shouting, "That's not what she asked! She's standing down there asking them to answer the question she asked and they're ignoring her!"

Welcome to our world, honey.

The rest of it was Schiff et al assuring us that what's actually written in the bill isn't what's really there, and what is says it will do isn't what will really happen. There was no indication anyone on the panel was familiar with the bill except for the part where they knew they were promised free stuff.

Some photos below of the attendees.

Spontaneous, independent-minded Obamacare supporters...

The crowd started gathering early, with Obamacare supporters showing up for the 7:00 p.m. event as early as 4:30 or so. Obamacare opponents (i.e., people with jobs) started showing up later in the evening.

The crowd seemed to me fairly balanced in number, although the pro-Obie crews bogarted the seats in front of the cameras by dint of their early arrival, while the protesters surrounded them in a WIDE arc on the lawn behind them (see the pictures below).

Although SEIU was present, it was muted, perhaps as a result of the large Alhambra PD presence. The evening was orderly, as far as I know. Plenty of shouting but no violent encounters I saw or heard about.

UPDATE: Well, apparently there WAS Obie Goon violence at the rally. I regret to say I missed it but check the link for video

Mercenary protesters for hire orchestrated by the insurance companies. Notice the uniformity of slogans and workmanship...

The lesson Congressman Schiff is too smart to learn...

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