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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today's LA Times, Copy-edited for Clarity...

Obama vows to break Taliban

"That Ought to Do It," say previously uncrushed Rush 
Limbaugh and Glenn Beck
"Wanna bet?' say Honduran voters
"Good one!" says Ahmedinijad
"No, seriously?" says Netanyahu

Many fear Taliban will wait out U.S. troop 
Unexpected Pashtun ability to read a calendar 
a shock to Administration planners

Experts fear ousted Afghan Taliban will simply 
cross the border
"We were never consulted," claims La Raza

Analysis: Obama's Afghanistan strategy counts 
on time as an ally
against GOP, American voters

NATO nations nod along with Obama's speech but 
fall asleep before halfway mark and may not meet 
his request for more troops.

Many Democrats continue to oppose troop buildup
Unable to figure out where to steal their rake-off, 
threaten to block funding. In related news, water 
is wet and rocks roll downhill.

Military: Additional troops will facilitate general's 
"But not if we can stall sending them long enough," 
says WH spokesman

The president's words ring hollow to members of 
antiwar group
"No Taliban ever called me nigger," cried 
Medea Benjamin

Critics denounce any withdrawal date
See water, wet, rocks, downhill above

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