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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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The US is Entitled to the Same Immigration Protections as Mexico...

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Anonymous said...

Remember when you go to the ballot box who stood up for American citizens, LEGAL immigrants, the Constitution, and the law...and those that didn't.

OT. There is a passionate debate going in the House of Representatives right now (2:09 Pacific) over a plan (House Resolution 2499) to give Puerto Rico the right to self-determination, in other words, remain a commonwealth, become a state, or gain sovereignty with ties to the US. The plan, created by the Democrats, the Puerto Rico Progressive Party to be specific, is a way to statehood. But rather than just ask the a straight forward question, "Do you want statehood?" as has been done in the past, they created devious language, and in the guise of a non-binding resolution. The plan is based on the Tennessee Plan, which I suggest you look up. There are numerous amendments, but the one that struck me wrong was the language. The proposal was to have the ballots printed in English and Spanish. It is my opinion that all business with the United States be conducted in English. Claims that it is disrespectful to the citizens PR are silly. Regardless, this resolution should be defeated. America, we are being re-crafted. Pay attention to the fact that no media are covering this except Glenn Beck.

There has been a vote on the Foxx Amendment, which I'm not sure what all it covers. Interestingly, the time expired, yet there were changes to the tally. Hey, when the teacher said, "Pencils down", we complied. Is there some special dispensation for Congress?

Deborah Leigh

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