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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rule 5 -- Juliana Moreira!


Greywolfe said...

ok. Granted, she's gorgeous. But you're starting to inch over the border into stalker land. Just saying... Might be time to stage an intervention.

richard mcenroe said...

Stalker? Not hardly. I have to remain faithful to Penelope Cruz 'til the restraining order is renewed, and after that I have Cote de Pablo pencilled in.

I see JM as more the site's mascot, much as Bob Belvedere has his 50's and 60's starlets market cornered. (Good lord, Bob, what is your source?).

Anyway, wait for next week: JM Goes Out to the Front Door to Pick Up Her Mail. Nothing stalkerish at all.

And the fuzzy bunny slippers are adorable...

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