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Monday, April 26, 2010

White House: Obama to Keep $1,000,000 Goldman Sachs "Donation."

The White House has stated that President Obama will not be returning the over $994,000 he received from investment megabanker Goldman Sachs, even as his Administration brings action against the Wall Street firm for fraud.

WH spokesman Robert Gibbs was quoted as saying: "For YAY-us, the FILthy lucre has been SANCTIFIED by the touch of HIS hand!  Can I get an AMEN, brothers and sisters?"


Support The Troops said...

Yea this man is a hypocrite

Anonymous said...

But he, the Anointed One, can't be rich cuz the rich are evil, right? He's a man of the people (read proletariat) afterall. Plus, he made all of us gvie away our alms to the One for the good of the many.

My head hurts.

Deborah Leigh

Bob Belvedere said...

Deborah: Mine does too - all the time these days.

Quoted from and Linked to at:
La Cosa Obama: Leave The Indictment, Take The Denarii

Anonymous said...

Bob, the number of Excedrin headaches these days have far surpassed my ability to count. Kind of like the national debt. Suffice it to say, "It's alot". If I had a penny for every....
Sorry to hear that you share the affliction. Hey! I'll bet we can come up with a catchy name for this disorder. Who needs doctors to name it when folks like you and I who suffer are much more creative! The contest is on!

Deborah Leigh

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