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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Evil Genius Dick Cheney Throws CA GOP Primary to Steve Poizner -- Endorses Meg Whitman!

"You have one more eye. I have nine more fingers.  Choose carefully, Republicans..."

It's now official: Meg Whitman cannot win the race for Governor in California.  Cheney's endorsement will make her toxic to the independents and wavering Democrats the GOP needs to win the governorship in CA.

I'm not sure what the mechanism behind this decision  is, but it works for Poizner any way you can posit it:

Cheney's endorsement is simply bought and paid for: plain old business as usual corrupt politics?

An embittered Cheney sticking a finger in the eye of the party he feels abandoned him., and Meg Whitman is the best way to pay the GOP back?

An act  of careless inconsideration, from a man who doesn't have a rep for same?

Or a brilliant piece of counterintuitive strategy from the Evil Schemer Mastermind of theVRWC, who knows just what it will take to ruin Whitman's chances?

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