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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Veterans Defend Outed Vietnam Fraud Candidate! -- UPDATED!

Veterans today rushed to defend embattled CT Senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal, exposed by the NYT as having lied about serving in Vietnam instead of receiving five deferments and a safe spot in the Stateside reserves...

"I think maybe the proudest days of my Vietnam service were the time I fought alonside Rick Blumenthal to hold Charlie out of Stuttgart during the Tet Offensive..."  -- Ward Reilly, Vietnam Vets Against the War

"I support Rick Blumenthal even though he never bravely killed a two-year-old like I did..." -- Senator John Kerry, D-MA

"I would endorse Rick Blumenthal but I can't spell it..." -- Jessie Macbeth, Iraq Veterans Against the War

"Rick Blumenthal saved an Iraqi dog my Bradley driver wanted to run over!" -- The New Republic's correspondent Scotty Beauchamp

UPDATE:  Fake veteran 
"endorsing" Blumenthal 

His name is William Joseph Trumpower and he's listed on the POW Network's "Phony" database, for claiming medals he never earned, rank he never held and experiences he never had.

(Ht: This Ain't Hell)

BTW, if you're seriously interested in the "Stolen Valor" outrage, This Ain't Hell does an outstanding job of covering it.


Bob Belvedere said...

Quoted from and Linked to at:
Stolen Valor: Richard Blumenthal, Part II

Anonymous said...

There's a special place in Hell for folks like him. Wonder what those Marines that he is pictured with would think if they found out...not to mention do? Good old fashioned blanket party, anyone?

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