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Monday, May 17, 2010

Jewish Supporters Abandoning Obama!

Followoing polls showing that just 42% of the Jews who voted for Obama would vote for him today,  Obama addressed the issue before an enthusiastic crowd in Berlin, saying:
"Too late, beyotches!  Heil myself, heil to me, I'm the
kraut who's out to change your history...so give a great big smile,

Administration staffers were quick to clarify the President's remarks.  Rahm Emanuel went before the press to explain:

"We really screwed up the messaging.  Folks, the armbands are optional, and won't cost you one penny more in taxes!"

On a serious note, Three Beers Later wishes a happy 1932 to all the happy little kapos of the American Jewish Left.  You were nice while you lasted.

1 comment:

ck said...

It's a temporary blip. American Jews will always vote for the ovens, as long as they think they'll go last.

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