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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nuthin lik a collij edumakashun...


Anonymous said...

The arrogance of Progressivism as once again demonstrated by Obama and Co.

Sounds like the old Hollywood story of the pitchman selling an adaptation of a Dickens classic. The pitchman does a great job, to which the young (very young) studio exec exclaims, 'Great! Who's this Dickens fellow? Get him in here!'

Deborah Leigh

Steve Pierson said...

FWIW - Snopes has some info on this supposed meeting.


richard mcenroe said...

Steve, thanks. As I've said before, I mistrust Snopes since they've been caught carrying water for this Administration too often. That said, they either quote the man directly or have the brass balls to fake something up, so until/unless I get around to contacting the man myself and until/unless he gets around to responding to me, I will herewith note your correction.

Not that the idea that sitting US Congressmen (I'd love to know who) thought they could legislate the laws of physics, or that our current President thinks a 40-mile-range electric car is the car of the future is much more comforting...

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