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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nutroots Convention Marked by Anger, Betrayal, Confusion and Pig-Iggerence...

 All is Not Well.  The triumphalism of January 2009 has been replaced by bitterness and incomprehension.

Short form:  Republicans get in trouble when they DON'T do what they promised.  Democrats get in trouble when they DO.

Luckily for us,  they haven't figured that out yet, and they've spent the last two years making mistakes they can't take back or cover up.  Seriously, do they really think they can push an "economic recovery" when everybody in the country knows one -- or a lot -- of people who still can't find work, when everybody can look up and down the street and see the vacant storefronts, the for-sale signs on the bank-owned homes, when more and more of them can't even choose to get private healthcare because the companies aren't sure they can afford to provide it to their employees or sell it to them privately?  Do they think they can still yell 'racism' when the people they're defending are screaming about cutting our babies' throats?

They got everything they wanted and they're choking on it.  But like a snake all they can think to do is keep swallowing.

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Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that they're unhappy. Folks who wish to create a heaven on earth will always be unhappy because it is unrealistic. They don't care how much devastation results from their aspirations, the goal is the most important. It's like a addict in search of a fix. Their angst is compounded by the awakening of vocifeous giant clothed in the armor of truth and armed with facts.

OT: Congratulations to Richard for reaching 100,000 visitors to the site! Hooters is on notice!

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