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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hilllary Questions War Critics Patriotism...

...and yes, that's Hillary "We Need to Know What George Bush Knew and When He Knew It"Clinton.

No, Madame Secretary, we're not unpatriotic.  We just want one question answered:

"Hey, Mrs. Clinton!  We've got Muslim Extremist Rebels and Muammar Ghadaffi!  Which side are we bombing this week?  It used to make a difference...."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hil, we could question your hubby's patriotism when he had Bin Laden in the crosshairs and let him go. Or hey, how about the time he was too entraced by golf on tv to green light the task force that would have stopped Saddam from gassing his people. Oh, and this is my favorite, where did he leave the nuclear codes? Only president in history to lose them. Kindof unpatriotic and un-presidential in my book. Where did I get my information, you ask? Oh, your hubby the president's Attache, Robert "Buzz" Patterson. You remember him, he was the one who carried the black briefcase referred to as the "nuclear football". So don't go throwing allegations of unpatriotism at us. The proof speaks otherwise.

Leonardo DaVinci, "Those that do not punish evil, command it to be done."

Deborah Leigh

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