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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nasa's James Hansen: Green Fraud and Government Cheat

NASA 'climate expert' cashed in on green movement he championed to tune of $1.2 million.
"Rules for thee but not for me..."
According to lawsuit papers filed, Hansen, a virulent global-warming activist who once accused the Bush Administration of trying to silence him (in print) at a time when he had given over 1500 interviews, features and speeches, and was caught deleting old NASA climate data to skew the results of his fraudulent experiments, has failed to properly document over one million dollars in fees and awards he received from the green movement, or to receive approval to accept such monies.


Anonymous said...

Wow! A GW activist/scientist deleting data to skew results, lieing, and such! I am shocked! And accepting money for the shilling! Thought it was about the climate, man. Not about profit, man.

Hansen should be wearing a pink jumpsuit, eating baloney, and housed someplace without the country club atmosphere he's probably used to.

Deborah Leigh

Jesse Fell said...

James Hansen is a great scientist whose work will has withstood the scrutiny of the scientific community for decades. In the last four years, he has received awards for his life work from several environmental groups; some of these awards were in the form of cash. Of course, if he was required to report these awards, he should have; but the awards were public -- you could read about them in the newspapers. He was hiding nothing. This current assault on Hansen is another instance of the fossil fuel industry's new tactic of personal assault on scientists who report findings that they do not find agreeable. Hansen will be exonerated of any serious wrongdoing, but the job will have been done: mud doesn't stick, but it stains.

richard mcenroe said...

Hansen has deleted data so his work can't be verified; none of his predictions have come to pass. He's just another AGW hustler crank.

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