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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Los Angeles Democrats Lawyer Up On Hahn Video.

The Los Angeles County Democrats have unleashed their lawyers on Turn Right, USA, the creators of the notorious Jessica Hahn Video highlighting her triumphant tour in LA gang relations.  Somehow convinced they enjoy some special unilateral exemption from criticism, they are demanding Turn Right, USA take the video down.

Turn Right has responded as the Democrats really should have expected, if they weren't so used to dealing with Republicans, in spite pf lawyerly threats and thug intimidation.

In addition, Turn Right has identified the individual they believe instigated the Denial-of-service attacks on their sites the day the video premiered.  Local, State and Federal authorities are now notified and getting involved.

Folks, get over there and hit these people's tipjar.  We cannot spare them; they fight, and this is going to be a dirty primary season with Democrats free to intefere since they do not see fit to offer their own voters a choice.

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