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Thursday, January 26, 2012

See, this is what Newt does every time...

Look, I'm a science fiction writer.  I hope with all my heart to see white boots standing on the red sand of Mars in my lifetime. And I remember the cheers, the actual cheers I heard as a child, up and down my blue collar block the night Neal Armstrong took that giant step. But this is not the time or the economy in which we should be discussing that.

But as Rick Santorum correctly pointed out, Newt Gingrich is grandiose and inconstant. He's not just an idea man, he's an idea a minute man with no real idea how he will implement his scattered flights of vision. That was never his job in Congress — it was the job of a guy named Santorum, among others— and Newt just made that job harder with his incapacity to stick to the matter at hand. He may talk tough, he may entertain us ragging on reporters, he may promise to boldly go where no man has gone before, but he lacks the attention to detail to make it happen.
"And I will stand up to Barack Obama! And I will 
repeal Obamacare!  And I will restore this economy! 
And I will —"
"Ooh... shiny moonbase..."

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