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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brad Sherman, Howard Berman No-Shows at Candidates' Forum in Los Angeles

Bloated Long-Term Incumbents cited the need to remain in DC for legislative activity.  However:

"This week, no Senate votes are scheduled until Tuesday, and the House isn’t slated to begin voting again until Wednesday. Sometime before Friday, lawmakers are expected to approve the stopgap measure to keep the government running, and then probably leave until mid-November."

HT: Protein Wisdom (see links)

Precisely TWO incumbents showed up, both from the State Assembly.


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Anonymous said...

Berman and Sherman didn't come out because they don't respect the citizens, the system, and believe they will be re-elected in a cakewalk. They haven't even campaigned. Well, I for one hope that they get their hats handed to them.

Berman has agreed to an appearance on October 20th. We're starting a pool. Anyone want in?

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