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Monday, September 27, 2010

Did Snopes Lie about an Obama-Kagan connection?

Did Kagan actually defend Obama in Ohio lawsuits demanding he prove his citizenship?  Snopes says no evidence, but:

"From: "Mike & Kazue"
Subject: Snopes Has it Totally WRONG!

Never trust Snopes again...
From a friend:
I went to Snopes to check this out and they said it was false and there were no such dockets so I googled the supreme court, typed in Obama Kagan, and guess what? Yep you got it. Snopes lied. Every one of those dockets are there. So here is what I wrote Snopes: WND article about Elena Kagan and Barak Obama dockets. The information you have posted stating that there were no such cases as claimed by WND and the examples you gave are blatently false. I went directly to the Supreme courts website, typed in Obama Kagan and immediately came up with all of the dockets that WND made reference too. I have long suspected that you really slant things but this was really shocking. I hope you will be much more truthful in the future.

Bet you didn't know this....Kagan was representing Obama—defending him in all the petitions to prove his citizenship. Now she may help rule on them.

Once again the Senate sold us out.

Well, someone figured out why Obama nominated Elana Kagan for the Supreme Court.... Pull up the Supreme Court's website, go to the docket and search for Obama. She was the Solicitor General for all the suits against him filed with the Supreme Court to show proof of natural born citizenship. He owed her big time. All of the requests were denied of course. They were never heard. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn't it? The American people mean nothing any longer.. It's all about payback time for those that compromised themselves to elect someone that really has no true right to even be there. We should be getting so sick of all of this nonsense.

Here are some websites of the Supreme Court Docket:

You can check this out for yourself. Look up some of these hearings and guess what?? Elana Kagan is the attorney representing Obama! Check out these examples: 


When is it going to stop?"

HT: Duane Buckley

It isn't a question of whether Kagan should have been defending Obama; as Solicitor-General, that's her job.  The question is, was Snopes truthful?  Or is this another questionable call by Snopes in defense of Obama and in defiance of the facts?

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Anonymous said...

Did you actually check Snopes yourself? They researched those cases and explained that they have nothing to do with Obama's eligibility.

For example, the first docket you list is for Jerome Julius Brown, who was appealing a decision from the Bush Administration. If you search Google for his name, you'll find plenty of court documents that have nothing to do with what you are accusing Obama and Kagan of.

The hoax you posted is so old and widespread that Snopes actually posted a follow-up:

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