Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Special Operation Gratitude Event Sunday, June 5 for the USS RONALD REAGAN!

Operation Gratitude will be holding a special packing session on Sunday, June 5, at the National Guard Armory on Victory and Louise, just west of Balboa Blvd.  The goal is to pack and ship one care package to every single man and woman aboard the USS Ronald Reagan on the anniversary of Reagan's passing. This means nearly 6,000 packages will have to be prepared in this one day to reach every sailor, Marine and aviator aboard ship.  Volunteers are welcome, as are tax-deductible donations of goods and money, especially money to meet rising postal costs.  Doors open 9 a.m.  Free lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Reagan, President Reagan's son and radio talk show host, will stop by. It will be a very exciting day!

If you aren't in the area, you can still participate in honoring the men and women of the USS Ronald Reagan, and the late President, by making a donation. Every package costs $15.00 to send. There was a company that did a funds competition by each department collecting pennies. They presented a check for over $1000! Please get involved!

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