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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously, How is this man NOT a babe magnet?


Anonymous said...

Bob Belvedere...

Linked to at:
The Putz Tut-Tuts / He Don't Remember If It's His Member

PS: All of a sudden that Blogger Commenting fix only works some of the time and not here!

richard mcenroe said...

Let's see if this works...

Bob Belvedere said...

It do! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you slay me daddy!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will post. dontcha just hate when those rare moments (well, rare for me anyway) of wit disappear into...where is it that they disappear to anyway?... and the memory has ejected them since it believed that the thoughts had been posted for posterity. It must be my inner child that believed with such faith repeatedly. Hopefully, Richard's fix will help heal inner children's self-esteem that was shattered by these glitches. Or not. This better work is all I'm saying.

Now back to business. He does look like a turtle, and as such is a good addition to the Democrat Zoo, which is usually only a pack of hyenas. Oh, they claim they had a lion, but we all know that lions don't like to swim. Weiner's behavior makes is befitting of a Democrat. Does the coed happen to waitress, because Anthony might want a "special sandwich" that some of his elders prefer.

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