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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Men! You Can Avoid 'Wags' Weiner's Problem With This Simple Procedure!

Guys, you don't have to suffer the shame and personal embarassment Anthony 'Wags' Weiner is suffering right now.

Be honest.  Millions of American men probably couldn't pick their junk out of a police line-up.  Why even such prominent progressive bloggers and media figures as Roly-O Willis, Michael Moore, Al Gore and Hurricane Jim Wolcott have only known their jewels by reputation and gossip for years.

Don't let this happen to you.  Make a file copy of your meat-and-two vegs now while it's still easy, and put it somewhere safe.  Remember, you aren't getting any younger and neither are they, but one quick click and all your Weiner Worries are over!

For those of you who think rate and degree of change are significant identifying factors, time-lapse stills or video are also good.  I recommend the Kodak sport camera Glenn Reynolds is always on about because it continues to work in humid environments.

Don'y delay!  Protect yourself today!  Click it and stick it!


Anonymous said...

Bob Belvedere...

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Anonymous said...

Men, A word of warning. If the local Sheriff has a booth to fingerprint and photograph children, Mr Happy is not welcome, and will not get his very own photo id. However, his owner might get a mug shot.

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