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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Offend a Feminist Week -- Wednesday!

Wednesday's entry response to the regrettable Offend a Feminist Week attempts to broaden the horizons of our conservative readership through the words of Maria Marisa Dolores Bonita Gonsalves Herrera, Ph.D., Chair of Hispanic Gender Studies at UC Santa Barbara.  Dr, Herrera is notable among the UCSB faculy as the only Ph.D candidate they were afraid to ask to defend her thesis.  Her professional publications include:

"Errol Flynn's Cuban Rebel Girls as Hispanic Feminist Metafiction"
"What was Lupe 'The Mexican Spitfire' Velez Spitting at?"
"Mi Hermana es su Hermana -- No Reasonable Offer Refused: The underground economy in Tijuana"
"You Only Care About the Glass Ceiling When You Want Me to Clean It for You"
Chingada su Madre! ¿Usted los maricones viene aquí, roba la parte de nuestro país con todos los caminos pavimentados, usted piensa que damos una maldición sobre sus nalgas blancas flacas gordas? ¿Tenemos una guerra el encenderse abajo aquí porque usted can' la subsistencia de t sus narices que moquea de la mesa de centro, y de usted quisiera que nos preocupáramos de usted que gana solamente ochenta centavos en un  dólar de los hombres? ¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA!”

(We apologize for the lack of a translation, but Miguel, our fully documented and absolutely no question about it legal typesetter suggested that some of the Doctor's comments might  not have been entirely on topic...TBL)

Update: Loose translation provided by my gardener, um, 'Sven,' yeah, Sven...

"Mother****ers!  You ******** come here, steal the part of our country with all the paved roads, and you want us to worry about YOUR flabby white asses.  We've got a ****ing WAR down here because you can't keep your noses off the coffee table and we're supposed to worry about you only making eighty cents to a man's dollar?   ¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA!”

(Note: as best TBL can determine, "Attica" is some kind of ancient Aztec curse...


Anonymous said...

The UCSB faculty are know for having kumquats rather than cojones. They lost their cojones when they gave up their rights and guns in favor of metrosexuality and cultural diversity.

Too bad General "Black Jack" Pershing is not with us.


Donald Douglas said...

I took my Ph.D. from UCSB ... and in political science, which still hasn't transmogrified into another Chicano Studies Department ... although there's still time.

Bob Belvedere said...

Quoted from and Linked to at:
Offend A Feminist: Repealing The 19th Amendment

PS: How fitting, the WORD VERIFICATION is 'balls' - yup, I got 'em.

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