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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea Party Bags Bob Bennett!

UPDATE:  I'm seeing a lot of reports in the MSM and blogs that Bennett was "driven" from office.

This is exactly why this election will be such an important referendum on incumbency.

Bennett was not "driven" from office.  His term was not renewed, by his constituents, at whose pleasure he serves. This is exactly how it is supposed to work.

Bob Bennett has, had, no right nor title to the office of Senator for the State Of Utah.  None of these barnacle-encrusted ingrown  fossils does.   Yet they act like they do, and the toadying media treats their tenure as a done deal, and these "public servants" feel no qualms about gerrymandering districts or ruining the reputations and lives of good men and women who challenge them, to pass their fiefs on to their handpicked successors or even children.

The best of them are engaged in a comprehensive betrayal of the trust of the people who sent them to Washington anytime they go along with this corrupt thieving DC system.  The worst of them are indulging in an  organized criminal conspiracy against the citizenry that Ferdinand Marcos could only dream of emulating... and there are far more of the worst than the best.

The people of Utah told Bennet exactly how they wanted him to vote on major issues.  He ignored their will and now it has, rightly, cost him his employment.

Utah's sitting senator, Bob Bennett, lost his  bid for re-election after being eliminated in the second round of balloting at the GOP state convention, the AP is reporting.
"It's time to get rid of the incumbents," said Kyle Hosman, a 39-year-old North Ogden delegate supporting (GOP candidate Mike) Lee. "Quite frankly I'm disgusted by what I've seen in Congress the past 10 years."

The defining trend of this election as a referendum on incumbency itself continues.

Hat tip: Moe Lane

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