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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Offend a Feminist Week -- Thursday!

Today's guest feminist blogger:
Chlamydia Shabazz X
A dedicated community organizer, Chlamydia Shabazz X's credentials include:
National Spokeswoman, Congress Of Racial Iniquity
East Coast Director, Southern Christian Organization for Retributionist Extortion
Regional Liaison, Surly Pack of Lesbian Combatants
Chlamydia recently made her BET debut hosting the financial advice program, "That's MY Mortgage, Mistah Man, and I'll Pay It When I'm Damned Good and Ready!"

"Why are we letting a bunch of honky beeyotches tell us what the issues are?!  Do they think we're dumb enough to abort 60% of OUR babies to make more room for their Mexican gardeners and gated communities?

"Uh, wait a minute..."


Anonymous said...

When asked about the flooding in Nashville Ms. X replied, "Don't care 'bout flooding of some honky town. If it ain't chocolate it don't matter." Then the intrepid reporter inquired about the controversy surrounding X going braless. "Sisters need to get free!" said X, "Don't be wearing them restraints! They be part of the oppression!"

Deborah Leigh

Bob Belvedere said...

Linked to at:
Offend A Feminist: Love Honor And Obey

PS: Wrong picture Richard. That's the lovely Pam Grier, not some crazed dingbat.

richard mcenroe said...

So you reconize Pam Grier but you didn't recognize Raquel Welch?

Cue Mick Jagger: "Brown Sugar...!"

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