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Friday, May 7, 2010

Offend a Feminist Week -- Friday!

In the interests of true diversity, Three Beers Later is proud to present some thoughts by America's first "male feminist" -- Hawkeye Pierce. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce was a notorious distinguished veteran of the Korean Conflict, and went on, as per his biographer Dr. Richard Hooker, to a groundbreaking career with the famed New England 'Cardia Nostra' which brought the science of open-heart surgery to its fruition...
"Let us drink to the suborning of the patriarchy, my dear."
"Ooh, doctor... no man has talked to me like that since 
my freshperson English Lit professor..."

"I like to think I was years ahead of my time in the field of male-female relations,"said Dr. Pierce. "The early feminist creed of liberation through sexual activity was a godsend to men and women alike. "Oh, yeah, baby, empower yourself! Take charge of your sexuality! I'll help. Here, let me hold your ankles...

"Of course, then the lesbians took over NOW and things went all to hell... I mean seriously, women were being told they could have 'it' all, career and families both, by women who didn't want half of it... brought me a lot of new business and a lot of new competition in the singes bars, if you know what I mean...

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