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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Henry "the Snout" Waxman, along with Bart ("Dead Babies are Bad, OK, dead babies are not so bad, er, hey, look at the pretty airports!") Stupac, have found out Halliburton worked on the exploded drilling rig in the Gulf.

Fresh from his triumphal attempt to investigate major corporations' health care write-offs, in which Waxman revealed that not only did he not understand the law they were obeying, but that he didn't even know it was a law he had voted for, Waxman is now promising to grill Halliburton on the technical details of an operation he is completely unfamiliar with in a field in which he has no education, experience or understanding.

Of course, as a 40-year Congressman, that covers pretty much any field, but face it, Halliburton could tell the Snout that they mixed a triple helping of fairy dust into the concrete to make sure it held and he would have no way of credibly challenging that assertion.  He hasn't even got the expertise to intelligently choose experts to challenge anything Halliburton might assert.

This is just another time-waster for the Congress and Halliburton, a money-waster for the American people, and a credibility-waster for the American press who will treat this like some kind of significant investigation.

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