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Monday, May 3, 2010

Offend a Feminist Week -- Monday!

The Other McCain announces National Offend a Feminist Week.  Naturally I would never get involved with anything so chauvinist and reprehensible, even with the horrible example of this eeeeeeevil reighwinger teabagger white supremacist...

...so I'll be opening up this blog to genuine actual female type feminists to offer their insights into the event...

Today's contributor:

4.0 GPA
Mitzi likes kittens, sunny days and long walks carrying heavy placards to defy the patriarchy.  Turnoffs? War, global warming and people who wear fedoras when they should be wearing gimme caps.

"Hey, sisters!  Throw away those birkenstocks!  And shave 'em every once in awhile, okay?  It will do you a WORLD of good!"

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