Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rule 5(-1/2)

Mexican cartoonist Daniel Benitez

Saturday Rule 5!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help Send Care Packages to Our Troops!

With over 430,000 sent so far, they need your help to send 
more!  Read on for how!
Thu, 5/14/09, Operation Gratitude <opgrat@gmail.com> wrote:
From: Operation Gratitude 
subject: The Battle is Heating Up
Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009, 2:16 AM

The Battle is Heating Up -- We 
Need Reinforcements!
Operation Gratitude on 
Our Corporate Sponsor, Target, selected Operation Gratitude as 
1 of 10 Charities to participate in their Bullseye Gives contest 
to receive a portion of $3 Million.  YOUR votes will determine how 
much money we receive! All you need to do is VOTE for Operation 
Gratitude every 24 hours from Now through May 25!
Operation Gratitude does not rely on paid advertising, mailing lists 
or hired staff--We count on YOU--Our dedicated and patriotic 
supporters--to get the job done.
We need to get our grass-roots in gear NOW and kick butt 
our own way: with consistent voting and word-of-mouth 
publicity.  WE CAN DO IT!
Our vote tally has slipped to only 8%--our Troops in harm's way 
deserve better than that!  Let's get voting now!  If we hit 15%Target 
will pay for all 40,000 care packages we send during the current 
Patriotic Drive: that's

We need all Operation Gratitude Facebook 
fans, supporters, volunteers, donors, care package 
recipients, friends, family, and colleagues to vote for 
Operation Gratitude on Facebook!  
(see below for voting info
For 12 more days, through May 25, every person can vote 
once every 24 hours for Operation Gratitude.  The more votes 
we get, the more money we will receive.  It's that simple! 
Vote Sign    Vote Sign    Vote Sign
   ...for Operation Gratitude on Facebook! 
Invite all your Facebook 
Friends to VOTE too!
Become a Fan of Target and post comments 
on the Target Wall--tell the world of your 
respect for our Military and for Operation 
Gratitude.  Let them know why it is so 
important to keep sending our care packages!  
Invite them to put a smile on a service 
member's face with every vote cast! 
All votes and dollars allocated are updated 
in real time on the Target Facebook page so you 
can see how we are doing at all times.  The final 
donation to each charity will be announced on 
May 26.

That's it! Vote every day through May 25  and tell ALL your 
friends to VOTE too!!  We need to keep up the pressure--this is a 
Marathon...we need to vote every day, and remind others 
every day.  Every vote every day makes a difference!
Here's how to vote:*
1. Click on this link: Bullseye Gives or click here:  TARGET-USE
(If you receive this email at work and are unable to access 
Facebook, please forward this email to your personal email 

2. If you are already a member of Facebook, you will be 
prompted to log-in.  Once logged in, VOTE for Operation 
3. If 
you are not yet a member of Facebook:

    a. Click on the green sign-up button in the upper left 
corner and complete the sign up form with your name, email address,
** a birthdate and a secret password.  
    b. Once your account is created, click again on this link: 
4. Return to the Bullseye Gives page every day through 
May 25 to vote each day!
*For technical assistance, please email Robert Bender at: 
**Facebook only allows one member per email address.  In order 
for every person in your household to be able to vote for Operation 
Gratitude, each person needs their own email address and then their 
own Facebook account.  Multiple email addresses are free through 
providers such as AOL,  YahooGmail.
Remember: Our men and women in uniform put 
their lives on the line every day to preserve our 
freedom TO VOTE!  You can thank them right 
now with YOUR VOTE!

Operation Gratitude

Note from Richard McEnroe:  
As of right now, voters have
guaranteed Operation Gratitude over $200,000 in Target
donations!  Keep it up!

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