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Saturday, September 4, 2010



Rule 5 -- Denise Milani ON A TRAMPOLINE

Oh, God bless America!

Rule 5 -- Juliana Moreira!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rule 5 -- Happy Feet Friday -- Natalie Wood and Dorothy Provine!

All singing!  All dancing!  All catfighting!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Has Putin Sold Nukes to Iran Yet?

Leaving Los Angeles... all over the place...

So the Iranians' "Peaceful" Busehr reactor is now up and running off Russian nuclear material.  Nonetheless, we are assured that Iran is still years away from having the Bomb and this Administration, by God, Allah and/or Barry, is on top of it.

Except that it may already be too late.

One of the facts about nuclear materials, even nuclear weapons, is that their country of original can be traced by trace elements in the materials... or their post-explosion residues.

Iran now has Russian nuclear materials.  Putin  now has deniability if he were to discreetly sell a couple of Russian-made nuclear weapons to the mullahs.  "Bozhe Moi!  Who Knew They Were So Far Along In Their Refinement Program?  We Would Never Have Sold Them Fuel If We Had Known That!  What a Tragedy About Tel Aviv... and Diego Garcia...."

It's hard to believe, but Vladimir Putin may have put something over on our sharp as a tack President...

Murkowski Concedes — Teabagger Bags AK GOP Nomination

Joe Miller, Tea Party/GOP Candidate for the US Senate

BREAKING NEWS: Cornyn, Sessions, Steele have released a statement: "The people of Alaska and states across the nation are sending the GOP a clear message" and promise to "reinvigorate the party." They then announced a program to court Democratic gay liberation theologists of color for the remaining primaries nationwide and 2012.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Three Beers Later Exclusive Guest Post: Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert — San Diego! Mainstream Conservative Pundits Venture into the Heart of Rightwing Darkness!

Mainstream Conservative Pundits Frumley Brooks, David Fume and Mainsteam Conservative Doyenne P.K. "Pug" Noonan bravely and nobly abandoned the civilized comforts of the Boswash Corridor for this harrowing excursion into the depths of reactionary American thought.

TBL has refrained from crediting direct quotes to any of them in this publication, because really, who can tell them apart anymore anyway?

The disappointing crowd barely overflowed the San Diego Sports Arena.  Authoritative sources at the Associated Press and New York Times put the attendance at somwhere between 1800 and 2000, describing photos of the attendees as 'misleading' and 'deceptive.'

As at previous events, a rustic gentleman familiarly addressed as 'Charlie' made several attempts upon a 'fiddle' and other stringed instruments while championing social concepts tragically inappropriate to 21st century conservatism such as property rights and punishment for criminals.  He even showed a regrettable lack of acceptance for the sexually-differentiated with a blistering attack on pedophiles, a position sadly out of step with the more nuanced posture at present adopted by this Administration's Department of Education.

Nevertheless he did so with such brio that at some point in the proceedings (I believe it was during "The Legend of Wooley Swamp") our colleague Pug was obliged to retire to the ladies' lounge and compose herself — twice.

In a further surprise after last year's concert, the hat really does come off.

In  spite of his young son's gallant attempt to put an end to these reactionary proceedings by breaking several of his father's ribs beforehand in a carefully-staged "play accident," Fox News "personality" Sean Hannity took the stage at several points in the proceedings, promising his gullible audience a landslide victory in the November midterms (a position held by no one who is anyone in DC or NYC, might I add), and  that the Ground Zero Peace, Friendship and Understanding Mosque would never be built.  He also made mention of the inconsequential fact that his foundation that sponsors these "concerts" had raised over fifteen million dollars to send the children of fallen servicemen and women to college.

The show then continued with "Christian artist" Michael W. Smith offering several musical pieces ostensibly extolling faith and patriotism, oddly without once mentioning the Episcopalian church's heroic embrace of brave, family-abandoning gay bishops or the Reverend Phelps' principled stand for faith and the First Amendment at military funerals, so we really must question his sincerity...

After that there were several speakers, including Hollywood personality Jon Voight, that same Colonel Oliver North who so embarrassed Congress, and numerous Gold Star families and recipients of some of Sean Hannity's scholarship largess.  Oddly, none of them seemed to be pursuing ethnic studies, political science or the arts degrees so essential to success in civilized company.

At this point, the wheels came off the event entirely.  A mister Leonard Skinner, if we heard the name correctly brought his "band" on for a "set"... in the course of which he launched a reprehensible attack on the fine singer Neil Young and agitated dangerously for religious practice and firearms ownership, while presenting an alarming audio-visual work of imagery calculated to lure the weak-willed into debauchery and perhaps even drug abuse.  The crowd was obviously worked up to the very edge of an outburst.

Then, to goad the mob on into a veritable frenzy, "Charlie" returned to the stage to "jam" with Leonard.  The atmosphere within the arena was so fraught with the prospect of unbridled license that our colleague Frumley was obliged to retire to the gentleman's lounge and very nearly compose himself. We will spare the reader the intensity of any further description on our part and simply present some smuggled video of the onstage bacchanalia:

Honestly, how these people expect themselves to be capable of governance escapes us entirely...

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