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Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a Ron Paul Christmas!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Logistics

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Rule 5 — Joey Heatherton!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time to Get My Christmas On...

The Timeless Epic of the Conservative "New Media"...

Video Renegado Ladd Ehrlinger comments on the recent mild disagreements between conservative bloggers during the GOP Presidential debates:

"Seriously? Come on, Jeff. Some bloggers endorsed Rick Perry. BFD. Everyone in the GOP field has major flaws. There is no messiah. Attacking conservative bloggers for endorsing a candidate you don't like in the same way you'd attack a card-carrying members of the Socialist Worker's Party is not only silly, it's counter-productive.
How about concentrating fire on foes, and debate your allies?
Bear in mind, this is coming from a guy who's had more than his fair share of silly internecine fights."

Silly internecine fights?!  These are life and death struggles for Truth, Justice and Juicier BlogAds! We are bloggers, dammit!  We're IMPORTANT!  We MATTER!  People tell us so! Other people squat in their basements for hours on end just to insult us!  Why, we're going to do for the future of this country what Menelaus and Agamemnon did for the future of Troy!
If anything, we're not squabbling hard ENOUGH! Think of it as fighting for internet tenure: we have to be particularly vicious because the potential rewards are so small!
So let the battle rage!  Let our self-appointed Odysseuses (Odysseyi?) scurry around thinking how clever and manipulative they're being, while our vainglorious Ajaxes sulk in their tents, their brilliance unappreciated, as our virtuous Hippolotuses (Hippoloti - screw it, did that joke already) have their honor and naivetĂ© exploited and our wretched Philocteteseses suffer tormented exile for impiety towards the Gods of the Web.
The end result will be magnificent, a modern Iliad for our times... as directed by Roger Corman.

"Sarah Palin sold a quart of milk from a state-run dairy to Herman Cain's mistress!"
"Ace you lying bitch!"

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why I'm not supporting Rick Perry (yet)...

When they wanted to show Ronald Reagan as a working man, a man of the people, they went and got pictures of the man working, the way he always worked...
When they wanted to show us George W. Bush as a working man, a man of the people, they went and shot pictures of him working, the way he always worked....
When they wanted to show us Rick Perry as a working man, a man of the people, they fired up the backlights and the smoke machine and the movie set and the props and the pristine chaps that frankly looked to me like they'd never spent a day in the chaparral...

Look, maybe Rick Perry is a rough tough working buckaroo.  I certainly respect his military service. But back when he was running against Perry for the Governorship, Kinky Friedman laid a serious rap on Perry as an empty suit, a tailor's dummy for the Machine to manipulate.

Handing us a glorified Marlboro Man ad is no way to lay that concern to rest.  And to a lesser extent that's a problem with the rest of his ads, as well.  His denim shirts are always crisp and brand-new, his "work" jackets uncreased and unscarred.  Working folks get dirty, they get wrinkled, and they won't hold against a man who shows up to talk about jobs in a jacket that looks like it's been worked in.

Now I know Kinky has at least come around to the extent of acknowledging that Perry has presided over  some outstanding economic performance by the state of Texas.  But presiding over other people's hard work by itself is not a sign that you can do the work yourself.

And yes, Perry had some brain freezes in those jumped-up reality shows we called debates.  But the thing is, it seems to me, a man with deeply held convictions and intentions could expand on those even if he blocked on a certain specific buzzword or platform point.  Perry needs to show me he can do that yet.

Understand, I could bring myself to vote for Perry regardless, where I don't think I could for Romney or Gingrich.  But I'd be a lot happier if he showed me there was some 'there' there.

Yeah, it's hell on the home front...

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