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Saturday, August 13, 2011


...serious answers appreciated, but honestly, not expected.

Larry Libertarian owns a farm, Liberty Acres, that he runs alongside the scenic Liberty River in Liberty County.  It's his property and he grows what he wants on it.

Lennie and Louie Libertarian buy the lot upriver.  It's their property to do with what they want so they open a factory, LenLou's Liberty Lawn Furniture, making practical, affordable plastic furniture.

But PCB's from Lennie and Louie's factory are being dumped into the Liberty River and contaminating Larry's cropland.

Larry complains to Lennie and Louie but they say they can do what that want on their property and don't see why they should be put to the expense of cleaning up the PCB's.  Since Liberty County of course has no EPA there is no agency Larry can complain to.

There IS a civil court in Libertyville, the Liberty County seat, so Larry takes his complaint there.  But LenLou's Liberty Lawn Furniture employs over half the working household heads in Liberty County, and Larry loses on a split jury.

In a libertarian context, what recourse does Larry have in this situation?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea Party Downgrades AFL-CIO, WI Unions, Democratic Party...

Unintentional irony is the best! kind...

A little Wednesday Morning Mood Music...


How many union pension funds would $30,000,000 have helped underwrite?  How many new teachers with no seniority would that have kept from being laid off?  How many healthcare workers would that have kept on the job?

Andy Stern. Richard Trumka.  Clothesline. Streetlamps.  Some assembly required.

Seriously, the entire labor movement of the United Freaking States focused its wrath upon one state and six Republican state senators... and the people of Wisconsin looked at all the money being spent, looked at all the screaming marchers, looked at what their state government had been hiring, looked at the goons harassing vote canvassers, and said, "Yyyyyeah... no."

And next week they're going to repeat themselves to make sure they're heard.  This was a calamitous failure of the corrupt union movement in America, and an axeblow to the the very conjunction of the obscene Democrat/union axis.

Make a note of this, candidates: the union bosses cannot deliver for you anymore.  But make all the promises you want, spend all the money you want proving it.  It's fun to watch.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Obama Propaganda Film to Hit Theatres Weeks Before Election Day!

Hurt Locker production duo to team up on feature film of the killing of bin Laden, set to premiere Oct. 12, 2012.

Some sources say the film is calculated to give Obama a last minute boost before election day.  Other sources close to the production say the script is running into problems trying to convincingly portray the sixteen hours Obama spent trying to find a way out of taking a blatantly necessary course of action that might actually benefit the country...

"The President is ready for his close-up..."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Russki Rule 5! Nazdrovye!

ht: Irina Davis  Check out her site and background!

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