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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rule 5 -- Juliana Moreira montage

Rule 5 Scott Brown Victory Dance!

Cheesecake AND Beefcake! When I cater, I cater!
And they're Australian, so Happy Australia Day!

Glenn Beck Steps On Own Dick, Recognizes Shoe

And halfway apologizes for linking Scott Brown and Chandra Levy one day after landmark election.

Warns us not to be "humorless scolds."

Glenn, you don't tell obscene jokes about a bride at her own wedding unless you're drunk.  You don't compare Scott Brown, a true candidate of the people, who knocked off a Senate seat owned by a genuine woman killing misogynist, to a philanderer who impeded the murder investigation of his mistress, on Brown's election day, unless your judgment is similarly impaired.

Ya fucked up.  Learn it, love it, own it, because the left is going to be throwing it back in all our faces for years... as in "Well, Glenn Beck said... "

UPDATE:  (5:00 pm Saturday)  Oops, it's started already: The New York Times quotes Glenn Beck on Scott Brown... to defend Keith Olbermann's attack on Scott Brown.  Smooth move, Glenn... you've provided cover for Ted Kennedy AND Keith Olbermann with one lip.  That's an achievement. (HT: Dan Riehl)

Wow.  Glenn Beck and Charles Johnson in the NYT in the same week.  What a banner day for the conservative blogosphere...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shortest Robbery On Record!

ht: Bucky

The Democratic Donor's Anthem...

Whether unemployed worker, student, union stooge or Wall Street fatcat, male or female, black, white, yellow or brown, young or old, gay or straight but especially gay,peace activist or veteran, we can all sing the same song, because Barry and the Party Leadership are just uniters, man...

Huffington Post I Feel Your Pain...

Arianna Huffington
Sometimes the Photoshop just isn't worth it...

Scott Brown's Family


And she wore a BIKINI! (HT: Ace of Spades)

And his daughters wear BIKINIS!

Why Doesn't Glenn Beck PROTECT Us From This Stuff?
This could cost us the all-important Baptist tightass vote in 2010!
Face it, Democrats, our wives, our daughters, our candidates

are hotter than your mistresses:

And our mistresses just make you cry:

AND we don't need to have the Arkansas State Police or Secret Service drag them in for us, either!

Oh, well, maybe you can all have a good weep with Glenn Beck...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ace of Spades Investigates Illinois Senate Race!

Kirk or Hughes for Illinois?

Cut down the cap and trade Gange of 8 traitor Mark Kirk before he spreads to another seat!

The Day ObamaCare Died!

Another Cool Fact About Scott Brown...

Scott Brown is so tough he can make Glenn Beck talk like a Democrat!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cool Scott Brown Facts

When Scott Brown passes Dick Cheney in the street... Cheney acknowledges his existence.
The reason they haven't made any more of those 'most interesting man in the world' beer commercials is because Scott Brown wouldn't grow the beard back.
Jack Bauer got the job because Scott Brown didn't see why he'd need more than 21 hours, tops,
Scott Brown once arm-wrestled Sarah Palin...to a draw.
After Scott Brown talked to Steven Spielberg, Spielberg was cured of his daddy and abandonment issues and went back to making good movies.
Scott Brown eats delta smelt sandwiches.
When George Washington crossed the Delaware, Scott Brown towed his boat... with THE TRUCK.
Ted Kennedy has never appeared in a zombie movie because Scott Brown told him to lay the hell back down.  Now.
Jethro Gibbs lets Scott Brown slap people on the head for him.
Ziva David sniffs Scott Brown's hair when she thinks he won't notice.  Scott Brown notices everything.
Abby does his TurboTax for him... for free.
Scott Brown doesn't use Axe deodorant... he's a donor.

That's One...

And so the oldest, and arguably the foulest political dynasty ever foisted off on this Republic is reduced to one drunken, pill-popping freak in Rhode Island...

My full and unqualified congratulations both to that outnumbered band of conservatives in Massachusetts who have held their principles firm in the face of overwhelming numbers and even abandonment by their own party, and to all those Democrats and independent Massachusetts voters who realized there was no future in following Barack Obama and the Democratic Party machine deeper into moral and fiscal bankruptcy.  We welcome you back to the political life of this wonderful country, and look forward to working with you to make it again the shining triumph it was always meant to be.

This was not a GOP victory tonight.  If it had been left to the GOP, to Michael Steele and John Cornyn, Scott Brown would have vanished into obscurity and Ms. Coakley would have waltzed into Washington uncontested.

This was, yes, a victory for the 'tea baggers,' the scorned, mocked American men and women from all parties and no party who came together to reject the politics of the insiders club in DC, GOP and Democrat, to reject the trading of favors paid for by our security, our solvency and our children's futures, to reject the notion of government by the mutal consent of well-placed incompetents who understand their own arcane parliamentary games and nothing else about this magnificent, diverse, yes, exceptional nation.

And so to Nancy Pelosi, to Harry Reid, yes, to Michael Steele and especially to that jug-eared store mannequin in the Oval Office, I say again, "That's one...

...and she's just the first."

Boston Post publishes "final" election results... 8 Hours Early!

Calls Election for Coakley eight hours before polls close.  Now claims it was just a test...  Right.  A test.  that's why they made up numbers FOR EVERY SINGLE PRECINCT!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brothers at War: You. Must. Buy. This. Video.

Watching this was an astounding experience.

In pre-surge Iraq, the filmmaker follows the lives of his two serving brothers, at war and at home.  Powerful, moving and inspiring.

Barack Obama: "Think about getting in a truck with Coakley's opponent..."

Well, for one thing, he'd probably keep it out of the water, asshole.

Unlike some folks we could mention...

"Think about getting in a car with a Democrat..."

And in honor of Mr. Brown...

One Year In...

Ok, I did not see this coming. If anybody had told me a year ago that I would be an addicted enthusiastic blogger, I wouldn't have believed it.  I thought I'd be posting the occasional humorous military photo and that would be it.  Not so much... Thanks to all the 60,000+ visitors who've checked out my blog this year!

It's one thing to post comments. It suits me to zip in, make an observation, and leave. Part of that is what passes for my style; part of that is experience (what professional training I have started back in the days when writers were paid by the word and the editors were stingy about it. An entire novel could be 60,000 words, tops); part of that is just personal inclination: say what you're gonna say, then stop (nobody in my office will believe that); part of it is because I like humor and humor is rarely improved by bloviation.
People who can write long substantial posts on a topic impress the hell out of me. Where do they find the time?  My life is filled with people, all of whom have real good ideas for what I should be doing with my time, for them, and many of whom I find it hard to say no to. This is not, I'm sure, a rare problem, but it makes me crazy sometimes.  Some of these people, based on experience, I'll be saying no to in the future, others, I have to admit are in my life for the better.  But the time... most of my blogging -- and the rest of my writing -- is being done on the fly between these other demands and that is not how I intended my life to be going at this point.

Although I'm posting in the main about politics, I'm not sure I'll be keeping that up as much.  Understand this: I don't like politics.  I don't like politicians.  I would have been perfectly happy drinking my sangria and telling my offcolor jokes and writing my novels.

But these bastards won't leave us alone.  We are faced with a government that is determined to intrude into every aspect of our lives at this point, from our health care and our homes to our lightbulbs and our freaking yard sales.  Never mind what we want to do with our guns, they're going to push their 'net neutrality' and try to tell us what we can do with our telephone lines, what we can do and say in our own homes, until we default on the mortgages anyway.  They can't secure our borders from foreign intrusion or religious terrorists but they can by god make sure we don't put up any Nativity creches downtown...

And the Admiministration that nominally heads this government, fronted by an arrogant, ill-informed store mannequin, is placing the responsibility for this intrusion in the hands of a group of people so comprehensively corrupt, criminal, ignorant and insular that they can't or won't even keep an accurate count of how many people's lives they've ruined with absolutely no benefit to be shown for it except to their own bloated purses.  They blight 150 miles of farms and pat themselves on the back because they've 'saved' a three inch fish that wasn't even endangered.  They deliberately act to keep fuel prices high because it will 'encourage' us to adopt a more 'responsible' lifestyle that somehow doesn't involve trying to walk to a job 40 miles away or freezing to death in midwinter.  They bow to tyrants but insult policemen, can't make up their minds to send reinforcements to troops in combat but  pile sanctions on an ally exercising the democratic process within their own borders.

The viper that Aaron Burr was fixing at Lady Liberty's throat while Thomas Jefferson was naively singing her praises has grown too heavy to carry any further.  This calls for a fundamental change and fundamental action by a lot of people.

So whether I like it or not, I'll be sticking with politics for a while, marching and writing and working for candidates...but the assholes who make it necessary will get no tolerance and less mercy from me.  I'm sure that terrifies them.  But I think it's dawning on them that there's a lot more like me out there.

Hopefully I'll write something they want to read.

Rule 5 -- Denise Milani! Clean, Wholesome Exercise and Healthy Living!

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