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Friday, October 2, 2009

Rule 5 Old School -- From Back When She Ate Steak...


You're Not in Chicago Anymore, Barry...

...and maybe one day you'll realize that.

So Obama rolls into Copenhagen with his posse and hos entourage, Michelle, Oprah and Valerie Jarrett, frontin' like some ACORN rentamob marching into a Chicago S&L to demand free mortgages for people they know will never be able to repay them, thinking he could mau-mau the IOC into slipping Chicago the gig... but it never occurred to him that he didn't bring enough iron onto their turf and they weren't gonna play the bitch to his disrespect.

He couldn't intimidate the Teapartyers.
He couldn't intimidate the Townhall protestesters.
He DAMN sure couldn't intimidate Iran, NK, the Taliban, or Israel...
He can't even intimidate tiny little Honduras.

Think he'll figure out the hole in his strategy anytime soon?

UPDATE: My suave, nuanced and sophisticated theory confirmed. Obama didn't respect, and he didn't represent anyone but himself. Chicago got thrown under the vanity bus.

This would be a good time to remind everyone, particularly half-literate progressives and journalists, that the "ugly American" in Graham Greene's novel was the "superior" Ivy Leaguer, while the grubby dirty-handed yank from the flyover states got on with getting on.

Obama Olympic Bid Goes Up In Smoke!

President who's gonna save us from Ahmedinajad's nukes can't even intimidate Denmark...
Chicago Burned Again! Thanks, Barry!

Wonderful, wonderful Cooooopenhagen...

Chickenhawk Admits to Affairs, Blackmail!

Palin's Book Goes to #1 on Amazon!

HT: Sarah Graphic and contest via Camp of the Saints (see links).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Self-Selecting Predators List a Hit with Public!

"This is a great day," said one mother of four, who spoke only on condition that TBL never tell anyone in the entertainment industry where to find her children. "It used to be we always wondered which entertainment celebrities were disgusting child predators. Now they're lining up to tell us which of them shouldn't be left alone with our children. This is both a relief in terms of our kids' safety and a real timesaver when selecting our entertainment options in the future."

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Choice is Clear!

He's an old man for the new century! With his proven ability to bring people together, across racial divides and political aisles (we're looking at you, Medved!), and his HUGE popularity in the political and cultural circles of Europe, Roman Polanski is the one California needs to remain a player on the world stage right alongside France and Poland!

"Whether ya like it or not, Roman's the man!" -- Gavin Newsom
"Roman's a man's man, and I know how to pick'em!" --Arianna Huffington
"Roman Polanski is a man I could get behind!" -- Barney Frank
"He makes me feel young again!" -- Whoopi Goldberg
"Polanski's work has taught me so much!" -- William Kennedy Smith
"You gotta have the respect for a man who knows what he wants and goes after it!" -- Sean "P.Diddy" Combs
"I admire this man so much. I'd love to go out for a sandwich with him sometime." -- Senator Chris Dodd

Yeah, About That...

"We will one day be able to upload our brains."

I keep seeing this error message already...

Maybe I can get a pass by claiming I was a famous director or Democratic Senator...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pedophila... It's the New Gay!

Roman Polanski rapes little girls... and he looks fabulous!

Hollywood and the Progressive Left Rally Around Roman Polanski and His Lifestyle Choices.

If you're uncritically accepting of enough, eventually you'll accept anything. Besides, it isn't wrong if it opens big on Friday.

Below, a video explanation of the Hollywood mindset. And remember: no matter what Roman Polanski did, Larry Craig tapped his foot!


1. Of course, by the time this reaches HBO and the Law and Order franchise, Polanski will have morphed into a Milius-esque two-fisted action film director beloved in the flyover states. When Hollywood projects, it's in IMAX.

2. Decency is as alien to Hollywood as pliés are to line dancing.

Strange Cult Prays to Obama!

Senate Panel Rejects Health Care Option!

Down in flames...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Senate panel on Tuesday rejected a government-run "public" insurance option as part of a broad healthcare overhaul, setting up a fight over one of the bill's most contentious issues.

Democratic Chairman Max Baucus opposed both amendments, and said Democrats could not muster the 60 Senate votes needed to clear Republican procedural hurdles and pass a healthcare reform bill if it includes the public option.
"I can count," Baucus said. "No one has been able to show me how they can count up to 60 votes with a public option in the bill."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has vowed the public option will be included in a final bill.
"The more the American people hear about the public option, the more they like it," said Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, who sponsored one of the amendments.
The Senate Finance plan by Baucus is the only healthcare reform bill pending in Congress that does not have a public insurance plan, which Obama and other backers say would boost competition for insurers.

Republican critics say the public option would devastate the private insurance industry and ultimately lead to a government takeover of the sector.
Democratic Senator John Rockefeller, who offered the other amendment to insert a public option, said the approach would give the public more choices and force the insurance industry to compete.
"Who comes first, the insurance companies or the American people?" he asked.

Senator Charles Grassley, the senior Republican on the panel, said the public option would represent a first step toward the eventual goal of Democrats -- a complete government-run health insurance system.

"A government-run plan will ultimately drive private insurers out of business," Grassley said. "If you support government bureaucrats, not doctors, making decisions, you should support this amendment."

Five Democrats joined panel Republicans to oppose Rockefeller's amendment, 15-8. The second amendment, by Schumer, failed 13-10 with three Democrats opposed.

The $900 billion Baucus bill, one of five pending in Congress, is designed to control costs, regulate insurers and expand coverage to more of the 46 million uninsured people living in the United States.

The plan under consideration by the Senate Finance panel would create state-based exchanges where individuals and small businesses could shop for insurance, but would not offer a government-run plan as an option.

As an alternative, the committee's bill would create nonprofit insurance cooperatives to create competition. Rockefeller and other public option backers say cooperatives are unproven and would not offer enough competition.

Rockefeller's amendment would have tied reimbursement rates for healthcare providers to the lower rates under Medicare, the health insurance plan for the elderly, for two years.

If that happens, Conrad, who is from North Dakota, said, "every major hospital in my state goes broke."

Rockefeller and Schumer said they had expected the issue to lose in the more conservative Senate panel but wanted to kick off debate. Republicans were skeptical.

"If it's so popular, why are there so many Democrats who have a problem with it?" Republican Senator John Ensign asked of the public option.

Monday, September 28, 2009

More Reasons Beer is Better for You Than Wine...

HT: Beer Control Offense

One advantage of beer over wine no one seens to have mentioned yet: they can't talk around a beer stein. But give'em a wine glass or two and you can't shut'em up...take my wife, please!...I'm here 'til Thursday, folks, try the veal!

UPDATE: Scientific Evidence confirming my rigorous hypothesis provided courtesy of Tim Blair. For those of you who want to thank Tim for his contribution to this debate, his new blog is here...

List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

Three Beers Later!

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