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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pedophila... It's the New Gay!

Roman Polanski rapes little girls... and he looks fabulous!

Hollywood and the Progressive Left Rally Around Roman Polanski and His Lifestyle Choices.

If you're uncritically accepting of enough, eventually you'll accept anything. Besides, it isn't wrong if it opens big on Friday.

Below, a video explanation of the Hollywood mindset. And remember: no matter what Roman Polanski did, Larry Craig tapped his foot!


1. Of course, by the time this reaches HBO and the Law and Order franchise, Polanski will have morphed into a Milius-esque two-fisted action film director beloved in the flyover states. When Hollywood projects, it's in IMAX.

2. Decency is as alien to Hollywood as pliés are to line dancing.

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Bob Belvedere said...

You, sir, are a prophet!

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