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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Rule 5 -- Double Feature, er, featuring doubles, er...

...oh, hell. Part 1: Sophia Loren in a peasant blouse.

Part 2: He died the happiest man in Italy...
(Note: click the HQ setting for best picture quality on both clips. You'll thank yourself later...)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tonight's Studio City Protest...

When exactly did I wake up on Bizarro Earth?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fuck You Very Much, Mistah Commander in Chief. Sir. (8)

Silence Gives Consent

From: rj6108, via Duane Buckley...
Around May 20, there were four people arrested in New York for planning to put bombs outside various (Jewish) potential targets, and also planning to shoot missiles at New York’s National Guard aircraft. According to CNN, “Police said three of the suspects have prior criminal records and all were believed to consider themselves Muslim.
I looked through the White House Press Releases from President Osama and found no comments regarding this issue. (http://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing_room/PressReleases/ ) Guess it is because no one was killed.
On Sunday, May 31, Dr. Tiller (who is reported responsible for killing upwards of 60,000 kids in their last trimester before birth) is shot and killed. Within hours, the President Obama has a new release on this subject.
On Monday, June 1st two soldiers are shot and one of them is killed outside a Little Rock Military Recruiting Office. The person arrested: “The suspect is Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (known before his conversion to Islam as Carlos Leon Bledsoe)..."(URL http://www.dailymail.com/Opinion/DonSurber/200906030767
As of this writing, there are no comments from President Obama regarding this issue. Of course, we know he is overseas right now, probably busy working on his speech to the Muslim world.
So let’ s take a quick look again at the White House Press Releases (same place where we found the instant comment on Dr. Tiller’s demise) and see if there has been enough time for him to address this issue.
On Monday, the day of the shooting of our soldier’s in Little Rock, there were 5 press releases; on Tuesday June 2nd, there were 11 press releases; onWednesday June 3rd, there were 6 press releases.
Could there be a pattern developing here???

A few slight corrections, Mr. President...

Barack Obama's History of Muslim Achievement... edited for reality...

Gold Medal?

Tallest Building?



This Week's Protest Signs



When exactly did I wake up on Bizarro Earth?

Topless Coffee Shop Torched.

Steamy joint serving steaming brew scorched.

President Obama condemned the act of arson today, stating that as long as the waitresses wore the hijab, it was okay if they went topless.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Customer Service Website...

"“In short, our goal is to get GM back on its feet, take a hands-off approach, and get out quickly..." B. Obama

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breaking Auto News!

From Paxety.com

By Juan Paxety on June 2nd, 2009

In his speech about the GM bankruptcy yesterday, President Barack Obama (from the New York Times) said:

And that’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass fleet modernization legislation that can provide a credit to consumers who turn in old cars and purchase cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars. (emphasis added)

Turn in old cars. It’s long been a talking point of liberals and environmentalists that cars older than a given age should be removed from the highways. The usual mantra goes “The government should buy all cars older than X and pay the owner $750. Then the owner could go out and buy a newer, cleaner, more efficient car.” The advocates for this position either fail or refuse to understand that the owners will not be able to find a car to buy with their $750. Basic economics.

President Obama used the words “turn in” not “trade in.” He will give folks a credit - I suppose that means an income tax credit - for doing this. This sounds like the used cars will go to the government and be removed from the market. No more used cars. You either buy an expensive putt-putt new car, or you go without. It appears that he’s set out to destroy the used car market.







"That's right, citizens! Turn in your clunky old car and we will GIVE you a brand-new General Motors automobile of your choice -- with NO credit check, NO money down and NO payments, EVER!

"How can we do this, you ask! That's EASY! You come into your local GM.gov dealership, pick up your free car, and we make SOMEONE ELSE pay for it! That's right! Somewhere out there is a Republican with a job and a dollar in his pocket, and as your President I promise you I WILL GET THAT DOLLAR!

"So act now! This offer is for a limited time only, as our Canadian and Mexican parts suppliers are getting antsy about offering us credit. So BUY TODAY! It's not like it costs you anything! It's only money!

"Someone ELSE's money..."

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Word on the Street...

Go for the gutter! That's where the fun is!

But seriously, street protests are not and should not be the exclusive province of the left. Nor do they require masses of people to be effective. One rally I know of started with a Marine's wife and her two kids standing on a curb to show support for her deployed husband. Another was started by a mother supporting her deployed son.

You need to understand what your aims are. Media attention? Hell, you know you won't get that. We've had news crews plop their tripods down in the middle of our rally to shoot the opposition across the street and leave without ever speaking a word to us. At the Santa Monica Tea Party, the ABC News crew pulled four Code Pinkers aside from the crowd of hundreds of tax and spend protesters and gave them their own private interview.

Change minds? Unlikely to impossible. Everything that has taken place in the politics of the left in the last eight years has resulted in a total polarization among their believers. I'm an ex-Democrat. I still get their mailings. While Steele and Cornyn are blithering about working with the Democrats, the mainstream of the Democratic leadership is talking about ending GOP influence in politics once and for all. I march with people who do try to engage the lefties, but since there is NO branch of leftist politics that does not approve of lying to waste your opponent's time and energy, I don't see the point myself. Just smile as they curse and wait for the light to change.

So why do it?

Because there are people out there like you who do not know they are NOT ALONE. They can't speak up at work or school, they don't hear their beliefs from the network news or talk shows or approving celebrities. They need to see you.

And you WILL have an effect. We don't go a week without someone coming up and thanking us for being there, a veteran, a servicemember's parent or loved one, even just plain people off the street. Who knows, you might even inspire some of them to start their own rallies.

This week's picket signs:

And of course the punchline on the flip side of each...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday... Something Different!


List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

Three Beers Later!

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