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Friday, July 2, 2010

A simple economic primer for Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats...

...who obviously desperately need one:

I know, it's a shock,but bear with me...

First off, unless they run gold mines or oil wells (okay, let's not think about the latter), governments have no wealth of their own.

All the 'wealth' a government has comes from, is taken from, its citizens,whether in the form of taxes, fees, eminent domain appropriations,White House shakedowns, etc.  Governments can print money but that no more constitutes creating wealth than xeroxing a rental agreement makes someone a building contractor.

Now a government may choose to pass some of that money back to people other than those they took it from, whether you call that 'social justice','spreading the wealth', 'buying votes', whatever, so those recipients can spend it.  In other words, those people are putting wealth back into the economy that the government took out of it in the first place, and which would already have been in the economy if the government had just left it there.

Well and good,but a huge portion of that wealth never makes it back into the economy.  Take for example federal unemployment benefits.  First you have the expense of extracting that money in the first place, incurred by the IRS that collects the taxes, and the federal departments that impose the fees, and the Congress and Administration that enact the taxes and fees.  A sizable proportion of every dollar the government takes out of the economy disappears right here.  Then there is the expense of the state administrations the remaining money is passed on to, Another piece disappears. Then there is expense of the city administrations the state passes some portion of the remainder onto.  Another piece disappears.  And every missing penny goes into the hands of people who do nothing but pass that shriveling dollar from hand to hand. They don't make things, fix things, sell things.  They just compete to buy things with the people who do. And their demand (backed by wealth extracted from the economy without service or creation) competes with the demand of the people who genuinely do create wealth, for the same goods, raising their cost to everyone.

Meanwhile, the people who are supposed to be helped by this benefit are getting only the few leftover pennies that filter through the governent... in much the same way grass filters through a cow.

Wealth is not created. It is only moved around, and in the process too much of it is turned to crap for government benefits to ever work.

Is it just me...

...or is there anyone else out there who would like to hire Jethro Gibbs to tour the Sunday talk shows head-slapping pundits at random?

Learn the Difference, DC!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The letter...

I got a message from Acer Customer Service: my great big 19" laptop will be back Friday! THENK YOU JAYSSUS!

Wednesday Foamy -- Food Nazis

 Call to treat fast food chains like Big Tobacco

A contrary view here.CAUTION: Language, adult content, advocacy of personal responsibility

Note:As near as I can figure out, those are suicidal dieters in the background.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JeffS With An Important Safety Tip for Men...

Courtesy of Paco: Be careful when out shopping, guys, you could be taking your life in your hands.OK,you could be taking something in your hands...

OK, enough with the suave political nuance...

....there are more things in life than politics. Like degenerate little people and nekkid wimmen--

Monday, June 28, 2010

Senator Byrd to Lie in State....


How to Be an Ex-Klansman...

reposted from Ace of Spades (with thanks to commenter "Stuck on Stupid"):

"Byrd was not just a "casual" member of the KKK for a short period of time.  He officially joined the Klan in 1942.  He was a Kleagle, basically a recruiter convincing others to join the Klan.  Byrd himself bragged that he had recruited over 150 members for his local chapter.  And while Byrd himself worked very hard to convince others to join the Klan, no one recruited him.  He was the one that initiated contact with the Klan, according to his own autobiography, after seeing a newspaper ad.  Joining the Klan was all Byrd's idea from the get-go.  They must have really seen eye to eye, because within a few years his local chapter elected him Exalted Cyclops.

Byrd publically claimed he left the Klan in 1943, but this is a highly dubious claim at best, especially given that in 1945 he wrote a letter to Mississippi’s Senator Theodore Bilbo stating he would never "fight in the armed forces with a Negro at my side".  Then later in 1947 he wrote a letter to Dr. Samuel Green, the Imperial Wizard of the Klan at the time, in which he stated “The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.”

In 1964 Byrd fillibustered the Civil Rights Act for more than 14 hours, during that time he made the argument that the founders did not intend that the words "All men are created equally" in the Declaration of Independence were meant to be interpreted literally.   “Men and races of men differ in appearance, ways, physical power, mental capacity, creativity, and vision".

Also during this fillibuster Byrd went on to introduce a “study” from the book The Mind of Primitive Man that stated that white people’s brains weighed a few grams more than black people’s brains, and that whites were thus more intelligent.  He even cited so called scriptural support for his segregationist views.  All of this a full 21 years after he had supposedly "broken all ties" with the Klan.

In 1968 Byrd contacted the FBI, suggesting he give a speech condemning Dr. Martin Luther King on the floor of the Senate.  The FBI declined.

Byrd is also the only Senator to have voted against both African American nominees to the supreme court, both a liberal (Marshall) and a conservative (Thomas).  Since he voted against both, it's hard to imagine that it was political ideology that was his motivation.

Even as late as 2001, during a television interview Byrd used the n word repeatedly, and later had to apologize.  He was referring to people as "white (expletive deleted) " several times thoughout the interview.  He later claimed it was just an "expression" from his childhood.*

Somehow, methinks the MSM will give this a big .. well, whitewash, if you'll forgive the obvious pun."

*Editor's note: the word SoS and Ace are too polite to use is ,"nigger".  However, out of, for lack of a less appropriate word, 'respect' for the legacy of Senator Byrd, I will reprint it here. -- TBL

A Serious Epitaph for Robert C.Byrd

"I never did a thing that was bad for my party
or good for my country."

Overheard at Robert Byrd's Mortuary....

"Hey, wait a minute...that's not a shroud..."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Robert Byrd(D.-WV) Hospitalized in Serious Condition...UPDATED:BYRD DIES

UPDATE: Robert Byrd has died. Reid and Pelosi vow to pass 'comprehensive immigration reform' to add 20 million indocumentado voters to the Dem rolls and eliminate the need for the black vote in his name. Pelosi goes on to praise the impending dissolution of the Congressional Black Caucus as a victory for Congressional ethics.
Byrd Mourners Flock LA Streets
The Klan recruiter, filibusterer of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, longtime GOP scold, and, face it, the moral center of the Democratic Party, has been hospitalized for the past week in serious condition from unspecified causes.

The 92 year old Kleagle, whose job in the Klan was to recruit angry Southern Democrats to burn down black churches, business and schools, is to date the longest-serving member of Congress in either house, with more stuff named after him than Jack Murtha and Charlie Rangel combined.

Unconfirmed sources report that Byrd is despondent at the thought he may have little time left to help further shred the Constitution, and has reportedly asked Reid and Pelosi to "do something about that damned 13th Amendment"  for him in the event the worst happens.

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