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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama Announces Formation of Department of Homeland Security Mole Patrol!

Newly enrolled DHS vermin pass in review
for the President, aka Rat Six... (AP Wirephoto)

From the Office of the President, The White House:

"America is facing a serious debt crisis.  We have incurred massive amounts of debt, every penny of which can be laid at the feet of George Bush, and we are going to need to incur more  before my vision of what this country can be realized.

"We require cash in hand to make this country work.  Of course we will need taxes, more taxes of the kind I hear from decent hardworking Americans every day they want to pay, are eager to pay.  But that won't be enough.  We are implementing plans to convert 401(k) plans into government accounts that have every chance of paying off.  But that won't be enough.

"Billions of dollars are being taken out this economic by self-centered hoarders, putting good American currency into precious metals, hiding that money away from their fellow Americans.  Some of them even make jokes about it, about how they're 'hiding American Eagles in coffee cans in the back yard.'

"Well, that kind of greed is unacceptable in America today.  Not when there are banks that need bailing out, investment companies that need close government support, and good patriotic Democratic Americans waiting for that next government check.

"So today, Secretary Napolitano and I are announcing the deployment of the ObaMole Corps, specially trained volunteers who will patrol the yards and gardens of America, looking for these greedy holdouts, exposing their self-interest, and making those hoarded resources available to do the work America needs done.

"To date, their initial operations have liberated nearly four million dollars in gold, silver and jewels.  They have also uncovered nearly two million rounds of ammunition that will be put to good use combating violent extremism in this country.

"Remember, America, my Administration is not simply looking out for you, it is looking out under you.  So watch the ground.  Keep watching the ground!"

Rule 5 -- Juliana Moreira -- We Knew Her When...!

Her audition tape...

Friday, May 21, 2010

McClintock rips into Dems, Calderone and his goofy sidekick Sanchobama...

McClintock endorses controlling the borders and controlling immigration.

You know what else Tom McClintock endorses?

Rule 5 -- Happy Feet Friday!

Happy feet - Watch more Funny Videos

I feel safer already...

Fake Marine's phony records get him job playing with Army airplanes...

Those 12-week college courses see a lot of action...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Squeeze Is On...

Now lissen youse guys, Amazon is turnin' up da heat. Dey wanna see a return on dis Associate deal and dey wants it now.  So get with the program and start clickin' on da Amazon links overn dere while da gettin' is good, see? And while you'se at it, dose little green words all over the place ain't just garnish.  Give 'em a click or two.

Draw Mohammed Day!


Slick Rick Blumenthal Caught Out in MORE Vietnam lies!

Hearst Connecticut papers bag on lying Democrat sack,

"This man Blumenthal... impresses me." 

-- His Excellency Idi Amin Dada,  President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.

Obama Solves Energy Crisis!

Enthusiastically toadying to Presidente Calderon of Mexico, the kleptocratic sock puppet of a failed state on our Southern border (and I don't mean California), Barack Obama announced that "our shared values transcend our shared borders... and since our borders are being transcended anyway, I've ordered the Navy to re-occupy the Vera Cruz oil fields.  This will dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil and end the need for offshore drilling..."

US Navy alleviating domestic energy crisis, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Veterans Defend Outed Vietnam Fraud Candidate! -- UPDATED!

Veterans today rushed to defend embattled CT Senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal, exposed by the NYT as having lied about serving in Vietnam instead of receiving five deferments and a safe spot in the Stateside reserves...

"I think maybe the proudest days of my Vietnam service were the time I fought alonside Rick Blumenthal to hold Charlie out of Stuttgart during the Tet Offensive..."  -- Ward Reilly, Vietnam Vets Against the War

"I support Rick Blumenthal even though he never bravely killed a two-year-old like I did..." -- Senator John Kerry, D-MA

"I would endorse Rick Blumenthal but I can't spell it..." -- Jessie Macbeth, Iraq Veterans Against the War

"Rick Blumenthal saved an Iraqi dog my Bradley driver wanted to run over!" -- The New Republic's correspondent Scotty Beauchamp

UPDATE:  Fake veteran 
"endorsing" Blumenthal 

His name is William Joseph Trumpower and he's listed on the POW Network's "Phony" database, for claiming medals he never earned, rank he never held and experiences he never had.

(Ht: This Ain't Hell)

BTW, if you're seriously interested in the "Stolen Valor" outrage, This Ain't Hell does an outstanding job of covering it.

Evil Genius Dick Cheney Throws CA GOP Primary to Steve Poizner -- Endorses Meg Whitman!

"You have one more eye. I have nine more fingers.  Choose carefully, Republicans..."

It's now official: Meg Whitman cannot win the race for Governor in California.  Cheney's endorsement will make her toxic to the independents and wavering Democrats the GOP needs to win the governorship in CA.

I'm not sure what the mechanism behind this decision  is, but it works for Poizner any way you can posit it:

Cheney's endorsement is simply bought and paid for: plain old business as usual corrupt politics?

An embittered Cheney sticking a finger in the eye of the party he feels abandoned him., and Meg Whitman is the best way to pay the GOP back?

An act  of careless inconsideration, from a man who doesn't have a rep for same?

Or a brilliant piece of counterintuitive strategy from the Evil Schemer Mastermind of theVRWC, who knows just what it will take to ruin Whitman's chances?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jewish Supporters Abandoning Obama!

Followoing polls showing that just 42% of the Jews who voted for Obama would vote for him today,  Obama addressed the issue before an enthusiastic crowd in Berlin, saying:
"Too late, beyotches!  Heil myself, heil to me, I'm the
kraut who's out to change your history...so give a great big smile,

Administration staffers were quick to clarify the President's remarks.  Rahm Emanuel went before the press to explain:

"We really screwed up the messaging.  Folks, the armbands are optional, and won't cost you one penny more in taxes!"

On a serious note, Three Beers Later wishes a happy 1932 to all the happy little kapos of the American Jewish Left.  You were nice while you lasted.

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