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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rule 5 — That's some wild blue, yonder!

California Guard Unit Returns from Deployment

Families, veterans and Patriot Guard Riders were on hand to greet the 146th Civil Engineering Squadron on return from their deployment to Guantanamo Bay...















Friday, January 27, 2012

Rick Santorum: Constant Opposition to the Individual Mandate...

Contrary to claims in the Washington Examiner...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

See, this is what Newt does every time...

Look, I'm a science fiction writer.  I hope with all my heart to see white boots standing on the red sand of Mars in my lifetime. And I remember the cheers, the actual cheers I heard as a child, up and down my blue collar block the night Neal Armstrong took that giant step. But this is not the time or the economy in which we should be discussing that.

But as Rick Santorum correctly pointed out, Newt Gingrich is grandiose and inconstant. He's not just an idea man, he's an idea a minute man with no real idea how he will implement his scattered flights of vision. That was never his job in Congress — it was the job of a guy named Santorum, among others— and Newt just made that job harder with his incapacity to stick to the matter at hand. He may talk tough, he may entertain us ragging on reporters, he may promise to boldly go where no man has gone before, but he lacks the attention to detail to make it happen.
"And I will stand up to Barack Obama! And I will 
repeal Obamacare!  And I will restore this economy! 
And I will —"
"Ooh... shiny moonbase..."

Two Big Winners in the CNN Florida Debate...

Rick Santorum...
...and Robert Stacy McCain's awesome shirt!

Rick Santorum has himself a big ole haunch of Romney...

Tea Party Patriots Respond to Obama

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Effect of Newt Gingrich on the Conservative movement...

Wonder how long the Gingrinchies will leave this up...

Seriously, Newt? Seriously?

Per Laura Ingraham on Twitter —  Newt: I reported to the head of government relations at Freddie, not the head of lobbying.

That's your defense? "Well, that's what the plaque on the door said..." Did they have another plaque that read "Office of Insidious Lobbying and Graft?" That's how you know you did nothing wrong.

Uh, yep.  And I never shoveled human excrement for money; I was an organic surplus relocator.
"I'm a naughty little piggy..."

Monday, January 23, 2012

A long freaking twitter response I hope you find useful...

@mnrobot @ZillaStevenson @ricksantorum There's progressive and there's progressive.  I have NO faith in Romney shrinking government effectively.  Big Gov MA style is all he's ever known. Likewise no repeal of ORomneycare.  In this he's a lot like Obama. He has no experience of alternatives and when presented with the options he's rejected them.

With Newt it's arrogance.  Newt will look at Big Government and think I can make this work!  Hey, it's me! So he's unlikely to cut government departments or subsidiary agencies, but instead to try and micromanage them, e.g, Let's take all the DOE solar money and put it into cold fusion research! In this he's a lot like Obama.  He's an academic who's not as smart as he thinks he but thinks he can bluster and fake it. Remember this was a guy lobbying for permanent L5 orbital colonies at a time when we could barely get a Shuttle launched.

Santorum has always been a grunt.  I don't think he's subject to the sense of institutional entitlement Romney was surrounded by or by what he rightly describes as Newt's grandiosity. When Newt was posing for the cameras, Santorum was on the House floor holding the votes together behind Gingrich and his flights of fancy.  Where he has erred in the direction of "progressive" I honestly believe it's been either a matter of principle, as with Specter, or in the sense of this was the best he honestly thought we could get.  Remember, it was Santorum who made the deal for welfare reform, while Newt was smoking cigars with Clinton.

So in terms of reversing progressivism's metatstasis in the body politic, I have higher hopes for Santorum than either of the front runners.  Of course a lot more of the People That Matter think they can use Mitt or Newt more readily...


— divorced two wives to marry two mistresses!
— then got the daughters of his first wife to complain about his second wife being mean to his third wife!
— declared himself fully exonerated of his ethics charges even though he was in fact found guilty of one and forced to pay a $300,000 fine which he claimed was for "expenses." A massive and validating 28 Republicans voted in support of him!
— bounced hardly any checks in the Congressional Bank scandal! (Really, who HASN'T written 22 bad checks in a row?)
—was such a great Speaker of the House that he was only thrown out by his own party after losing multiple House seats and the Clinton Impeachment!
— Was such a great Congressman for the 6th CD (GA) that he was able to complete his final term in just two months!
— was mourned by the Clinton Administration, who said "Gingrich was the best thing that happened to the Clinton Administration."
— was such a strong supporter of individual rights that he supported the individual mandate forcing people to buy healthcare for over 20 years!
—was such a champion of business that he campaigned for cap and trade with Nancy Pelosi!
—Supported homeowners by giving Fannie/Freddie "history lessons" for just $1.6 million dollars!
—Proved he was a champion of the common man by yelling at a reporter trying to ask a politician a question and keeping his Tiffany's jewelry line of credit down to $500,000!

Truly, how can we see this paragon as anything other than the leader of the greatest nation on Earth for the next eight turbulent years?

*sigh* "Maybe someday, if I try hard enough,
I can be to this country what New Gingrich has

"So how long can the wild Gingrich needle graph go up and down...?"

Victor Davis Hanson on Newt Gingrich:

"Newt Gingrich has a real genius for appearing erudite, wizened, and clever in a flippant sort of way on television. Where Romney talks in banalities and split-the-difference circumspection, Newt rattles off facts and figures about the Civil War and World War II, to lend perceived gravitas to arguments otherwise identical to the rest of the candidates. I can imagine Romney conducting a meeting at Bain, asking for input about a takeover, only to have member Gingrich give an exegesis about the Sherman Antitrust Act, not an in-depth one, mind you, but a 10-second reference before moving on to serial 5-second exegeses about Adam Smith, John Adams, and Abraham Lincoln — with no effect on the issue at hand. The wide but shallow referencing is as impressive on television as it is often for no purpose."

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