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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big, Heavy Boots on the Ground

Bob, of Bob's Bar and Grill is feet dry (well, sweaty) in Afghanistan. Drop by his site and wish him well.

CORRECTION: There WAS Obie Goon Violence at the Adam Schiff Rally

See the post below for details.

Has the President Lost the Arab Street...?

Jamil al-Taqqiyah is a fiery young nonpartisan
journalist who regularly reports
for NBC, Al-Jazeera and the BBC.
Three Beers Later is proud to offer him
his first blogging venue.

It is difficult for a nonbeliever to recognize what a proud moment it was for all of Islam in all its great world centers -- the Middle East, Indonesia, Africa, Holland, Britain, Sweden, Michigan -- when my (very) distant cousin Bari al-Taqqiyah stood up before the faithful and apologized for the many sins of the Great Satan and the perfidious Jews Zionists.

It was even charming when he pretended to forget the words of his speech for a moment, when a small machine near the podium fell over...

Yet, in all the days since his Cairo speech, the Arab world has noted a disturbing lack of any real action on the part of America's first truly devout President, that leads many to wonder if perhaps this great Democrat has not been entirely honest with us, unlikely as it may seem.

To this day, not one American bomb has fallen on one perfidious Jew Zionist....

Not one American tank has rolled through one perfidious Jew Zionist settlement...

And yet Americans keep bombing and shelling the crap out of our holy warriors in Afghanistan, no matter how many of our own women and children we hide behind...

Clearly, to a less charitable mind than my own, there could well be some sort of double standard here...

This concern might be allayed, somewhat, by Bari al-Taqqiyah's professed respect for Islamic culture. It is difficult to describe the wave of joy and enthusiasm that flowed through the women of Islam (it better have, ha-ha) when Bari declared that his Justice department would defend the wearing of the hijab. But if this matter is of such personal importance to him --

WHY DOES HE PERMIT HIS WOMAN TO EXPOSE HERSELF IN PUBLIC?! Assuming lewd postures in revealing clothing! Inflaming the faithful with naughty thoughts and sinful desires! Is this proper behavior of a first wife to the First Dhimmi of the Great Satan?!

Ya habibi.
Seriously. Burqa.
It's not just the law --
it's a bloody
good idea.

If cousin Bari cannot attend to important issues like this, it is becoming difficult to believe he might give lesser matters any more serious thought.

Rule 5 Saturday

Burma Shave...

Foreclosures on track to set new record under Obama.

You've lost your home...

Don't run to mama...

She's lost hers, too...

Just thank Obama!

Discriminating Dog Disses Obama

Attention, flag@whitehouse.gov: I'm Richard McEnroe & I Approve This Message.

Australian Rule 5

God Bless Paul Hogan...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Breaking Sarah Palin News!

Alaskan Palin Critic Jesse Griffin "Probably Not" Guilty of Feeding Kindergarten Students Into Woodchipper, According to Multiple Sources.

Oh, and she was cleared from another nuisance ethics charge...

LA Housing Crisis Over!

As Major Players Return to the Market... in the parking lot of the 99-Cent Store...

Some good people...

While Frumley Brooks was wandering around Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre giving all us vulgar reactionaries a good look up his nostrils, he overlooked some folks you might want to check out...

Operation Homefront provides assistance to deployed troops, their families, and returning wounded.

The Cal-Diego Paralyzed Veterans' Association assists veterans of both peacetime and combat service with permanent spinal chord damage. You can reach them or their national organization through the link.

Do something useful with your money before Barry gets it all.


HT: Ace of Spades

The House Finance Committee is pulling the end of life counseling provisions of Section 1233 of ObamaKill out of the bill.

You did this. You DO have an effect. Every one of you who shouted, every one of you who marched, every one of you who called, every one of you who got beaten or gave a beating back.


Oh, and she helped...

Looks like we bagged our limit for today, but it's still open season! Obama's plan to cut $500 billion from Medicare/Medicaid is still out there, as are the managed service boards that will tell your doctor what he can do for you (Yeah, you get to keep your doctor, but Barry forgot to mention he or she ain't making the decisions anymore. Page 429). Keep on them.

Potemkin Town Hall In Alhambra CA

The event, originally scheduled for a 200 seat library room, was sensibly moved out to the atrium between the Alhambra library and the high school. I'd say there were perhaps 1000 people present, tops.

The activity on the podium, hosted by Congressman Schiff (D. - Jihad) was a farce, of course. What was billed as a healthcare debate featured not one single speaker who opposed Obamacare. I don't want to say the questions were rigged, but the first question was allegedly asked by a seven-months pregnant woman concerned about being forced to enter the public option if she lost her current health coverage. I sort of lost the thread of the rambling answer when a woman came boiling out of the crowd shouting, "That's not what she asked! She's standing down there asking them to answer the question she asked and they're ignoring her!"

Welcome to our world, honey.

The rest of it was Schiff et al assuring us that what's actually written in the bill isn't what's really there, and what is says it will do isn't what will really happen. There was no indication anyone on the panel was familiar with the bill except for the part where they knew they were promised free stuff.

Some photos below of the attendees.

Spontaneous, independent-minded Obamacare supporters...

The crowd started gathering early, with Obamacare supporters showing up for the 7:00 p.m. event as early as 4:30 or so. Obamacare opponents (i.e., people with jobs) started showing up later in the evening.

The crowd seemed to me fairly balanced in number, although the pro-Obie crews bogarted the seats in front of the cameras by dint of their early arrival, while the protesters surrounded them in a WIDE arc on the lawn behind them (see the pictures below).

Although SEIU was present, it was muted, perhaps as a result of the large Alhambra PD presence. The evening was orderly, as far as I know. Plenty of shouting but no violent encounters I saw or heard about.

UPDATE: Well, apparently there WAS Obie Goon violence at the rally. I regret to say I missed it but check the link for video

Mercenary protesters for hire orchestrated by the insurance companies. Notice the uniformity of slogans and workmanship...

The lesson Congressman Schiff is too smart to learn...

Sarah Palin Cheats, Uses Facts to Tear New Strip Off Obama...

Sarah Bags a Big One

Sarah Palin unfairly uses Obama's own words and the actual text of HC3200 to show it up for the deathwish it is.

Oh? And Obama's Health Czar? Throw the kids, the chronic and old folks off the raft: "Of course, it"s not just this one provision that presents a problem. My original comments concerned statements made by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a health policy advisor to President Obama and the brother of the President’s chief of staff. Dr. Emanuel has written that some medical services should not be guaranteed to those "who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens . . . An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia." (Source: NCPA) Dr. Emanuel has also advocated basing medical decisions on a system which "produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated." (Source: Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel)"

"Attenuated..." Such a nuanced word, ja? Vy it's almost Continental...

Mickey Kaus... Uhhhh...mahbe there ARE death panels...

Kaus makes the reactionary mistake of actually listening to what Obama says...

You know, progressive clingers, when the Washington Post says ObamaKill may be bad for seniors, and the New York Times says you'll probably lose your insurance coverage, maybe, just maybe, this isn't an insurance company hustle anymore boyzengirls...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chicago Rules Are Now In Effect

As all of my readership in the high severals knows, I have participated in approximately 700 +/- rallies in support of the troops and my political convictions since the start of the second Iraq War. One reason for that high number is the weekly rally I hold in Studio City with several other folks. We normally stage it on Friday evenings, but since we spent this Friday following Frumley Brooks around the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre telling him he dressed like a 'spontaneous' health care supporter, we held it last night, Saturday, instead.

This dude approaches us and starts complaining about our health care signs:

He claimed to be a Canadian with dual American citizenship. When we asked him if he approved of Canadian health care, he said he had an American health care plan. When we starting quoting him passages from the health bill, he started screaming about Rush Limbaugh. Would not believe we got information from any other source. (Note: none of us listen to Rush since we work and our bosses won't let us.) At this point I wrote him off and went on about my business, The light on the corner changed, and I started across the street to work the oncoming traffic.

He starts screaming "Get the sign out of my face! Get that sign out of my face!" I said, "It's a public street," and kept walking.

He starts trying to shove me out of the crosswalk. I have whatcha might call a low center of gravity and don't shove well.

Then he hooks a rabbit punch into my short ribs from behind.

I turned around, which surprised him, stuck a straight left back into his face, which surprised him more since he was about six inches taller than me, and said, "Do that again."

He took off.

I've been punched before, and reasonably expect I'll be punched again in my lifetime. But I'm gonna start working closer to my corner for a while since I have no doubt that these heroes will start going after the handicapped woman in the chair if they're given the chance.

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