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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brett Kimberlin and Money for... Not Much, Really...

Bret Kimberlin's current scams... and contact information, where available.  This data was taken from Kimberlin's personal Facebook page

Justice Through Music (Kimberlin actually shows up in site content on this one)

8100 Beech Tree Road
Bethesda, MD 20817-2931
Phone: (301) 320-5921
Jeff Cohen
2200 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 1400,
Arlington Courthouse Plaza I
Arlington, VA 22201
http://www.jtmp.org/jtmp/index.php (This appears to be the Jeff Cohen involved in JTM. Awaiting confirmation)

 Democratizing Music,
This Facebook page offers no evidence of Kimberlin's involvement, despite his claims.  The emphasis appears to be on Egyptian and Arabic music in the ME.  There is little activity on the site and few followers.

Brave New Films,
Brave New Films 
10510 Culver Blvd.,
Culver City, CA 90232
info@bravenewfilms.org (awaiting verification of Kimberlin's involvement.  There is no evidence of Kimberlin's involvement on the site.)

Media With Conscience (No Evidence of Kimberlin Involvement on site)
Started in 2010.  No way to determine how much traffic it draws; the "letters to the editor" appear to be templates to be used for writing to other publications.   Claims to be "bias-free" but very big on Palestinian Genocide, Post-Colonial-This-That-The-Other, etc....

Protect Our Elections
No Evidence of Kimberlin's involvement on site, but it is a Velvet Revolution front.
Take a good look at this template; you'll see it again...

American Crossroads Watch
No Evidence of Kimberlin's involvement on site, but it is a Velvet Revolution front.
 What a daring and original use of a bright fresh template!
Protect the Count NH,

Charlotte Dennett for Justice and Accountability,
http://chardennett.org/ (awaiting verification of Kimberlin's involvement)

Stop The US Chamber of Commerce,
No Evidence of Kimberlin's involvement on site, but it is a Velvet Revolution front.
Again, the big-bucks stock template!
Make It Safe Campaign Coalition,
No Evidence of Kimberlin involvement on site
Actual web page for Make It Safe
No Freaking Fracking,

Facts They Dont Want You to Know (Philippine Goverment),
Search for this title turned up several sites and features about a documentary by a Filipino filmmaker about scandals in the Philippines.  No evidence of Kimberlin discovered to date. 

Campaign Accountability Watch,
No Evidence of Kimberlin's involvement on site, but it is a Velvet Revolution front.
Again with the cheesy templates and notice how the copy is transcribed 
straight from the one site to the other.

Government Accountability Project
1612 K Street, NW Suite #1100
Washington, DC 20006
(p) 202.457.0034
(e) info@whistleblower.org (Awaiting verification of Kimberlin's involvement)

So an interesting pattern emerges: in  the actual existing groups with verifiable addresses, etc., we see unique websites and no evidence of Kimberlin's actual involvement. (Caveat: still waiting to hear back from several sites above.) Either he's lying about his involvement or he's a sooper-sekrit participant... who then announced his participation on Facebook.

For the other sites, we see anonymous Facebook pages with little traffic over a period of years, or a cheap stock website template re-used again and again, not evocative of a professional dedicated organization.  In fact, there is nothing to indicate these sites require anything more than one man with a computer.

This cookie cutter assembly raises a couple of interesting questions: 1. How much of Brett Kimberlin's nonfelonious work actually exists?  2. Given the low production quality of these sites, where did the $1 million + dollars Brett Kimberlin took in actually go? 3. In light of these cookie cutter websites and the fact that even a cursory search immediately turned up a case where the editorial copy of one site was simply cut and pasted to a "different" organization's site, how much of Velvet Revolution's "network" of 120 alleged organizations really consists of more than a handful of extremists sitting at their computers generating ghost groups?

On top of his violent criminal conduct, it looks like Kimberlin played his donors for complete suckers.  It's difficult to imagine that charities like Streisand's and Fidelity's did their due diligence on the donations they made.  Brett Kimberlin simply seems to be a bad bargain.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brett Kimberlin --- More Recent Photos

Yes, the man who is still a person of interest in the murder of a grandmother because of his "unnatural" interest in her underage granddaughter... has a daughter, shown here being used as a human shield in his harassment of Karl Rove, as part of one of his many bogus cons to get prominent Republicans and conservatives arrested and tried.
Brett Kimberlin 2009
Brad Kimberlin on Facebook: Check out all his current scams on Facebook

 From the Time Magazine feature....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rule 5 -- Alannah Myles!

The Problem's Not Obama...

"...for if a democratic republic, similar to that of the United States, were ever founded in a country where the power of one man had previously established a centralized administration..."
"...and sunk it deep into the habits and the laws of the people..."
"...I do not hesitate to assert that in such a republic a more insufferable despotism would prevail than in any of the absolute monarchies of Europe; or, indeed, any that could be found on this side of Asia." Alexis de Tocqueville
We didn't get in this mess overnight. It was a long and slippery slope, from "Gee, maybe we shouldn't let Grandma starve" to armed Federal "Inspectors" raiding garage sales but we're on that slope and we're still sliding. We're not going to fix it overnight, either.

List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

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