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Friday, April 16, 2010

Rule 5 -- Dense Milani playing with the puppies...

Obama Fundraiser Admits $292 MILLION Fraud.

Sorry, Hillbuzz, but your gal's just as dirty...

SEIU and every teacher's union are underfunding their pension plans but have hundreds of millions of dollars to donate to Democratic candidates.

The Obama Administration has put out so much bad paper in the T-Bill market it's forced to buy its own notes with money it prints to keep the whole house of cards from collapsing.

The Obama Administration is talking about forcibly converting our private 401k's to government "accounts" and even re-banning the private ownership of gold to bring more solid cash back into its larcenous reach.

Democrat-run cities across the country are doing everything from fiddling with home assessments to raising the price on parking meters and drinking water, to support their corrupt union voting blocs.

Obama laughs as he lies about cutting our taxes.  "Fees" and "charges" go up every day.

Let's face it: whatever poses it cares to strike, the Democratic Party is nothing but an organized criminal conspiracy against the American people.

Rule 5 Happy Feet Friday- Juliana Moreira!

Tea Party Tax Protest Woodland Hills CA April 15th, 2010

I'd say maybe 250 people showed up by the end of the event.  No sinister sophisiticated lefty infiltrators or counterprotestors noted.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rule 5 Sexy Burkas 2!

I swiped this off Donald Douglas at American Power.  Anyone know where I can find it larger?

Henry Waxman (D-Weekly World News) Grovels Before Corporate Robber Barons, Cancels Health Care Show Trials!

Henry Waxman, California Democrat Congressman, former Star Trek salt vampire, and co-sponsor of the Cap and Trade legislation is reported to have cancelled his planned show trials/hearings for the corporate CEO's who published K-9 documents listing the billions of dollars in losses they are going to take as a result of the Democrats' Obamacare midnight health care bill.  Waxman had claimed the notices were a deliberate attempt to discredit President Obama and his legislation.

Speculation on the Hill is that his crack team of Democratic Congressional staffers reminded the Democratic Congressman that he voted for the bill requiring the publication of said notices following the criminal collapse of major Demnocrat donor Enron.

More informed speculation centered around Waxman's fear that the CEO's would bring dog whistles whose high pitched notes would disorient the congressman, causing him to fly erratically and bump into walls in front of the C-SPAN cameras...

Democrats and Their Attention to Detail...

Destroying their own health care is the least of their problems...

Obama's Secretary of the Navy to Name New Warship for Lying, Thieving, Corrupt, Slanderous Congressional Hack...

HT: Commander Salamander

Oh Hell No...

"The Navy’s 10th San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock will be named for Rep. John Murtha, the long-serving Pennsylvania Democrat who chaired the powerful House appropriations defense subcommittee before he died in February.

"According to a Navy memorandum obtained by Navy Times, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus notified Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead that he had selected “John P. Murtha” for the previously unnamed LPD 26. It’s the latest example of the Navy breaking a convention for naming its warships; the previous ships in the San Antonio class have been named for American cities."

Ray Mabus 

Secretary of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-1000

UPDATED: Anybody with a fax number for this POS, pass it on and I'll post it. 703-693-9545


President Passive-Aggressive Strikes Again!

For those of you with short memories...

Yeah, Marines won't mind serving aboard this ship...

Monday, April 12, 2010

California Assembly Dem Candidate Runs Against Teabaggers... in his own party!

This is the flyer Democratic State Assembly Candidate Mike Gatto is sending out to thousands of voters in his district.  For the record, he is a protege of CA Dem Congressman Brad Sherman, who laughed in his constituents' faces when they asked him if he'd read the health bill before voting on it,  so you know what Mikey considers competent public service...

Gatto is running in the primary for the June special election, voting to be held tomorrow.   Give his office a call and tell them how much you admire their respect for the voters.  I'm sure they have nothing better to do for the  next day or so than talk to you...

BTW, the reason he talks about his Daily News endorsement (much the smallest of LA's two papers) is because the LA Times described the entire Democratic slate as "indistinguishable" from the Sacramento incumbents currently bankrupting the state...

A Visual Aid...

HT: Duane Buckley

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rule 5 Sunday

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List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

Three Beers Later!

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