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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rule 5 cheerleaders!

Rule 5 (sorta) Juliana Moreira!

Robert Stacy McCain Warns the West!

Rule 5-- Denise Milani

Tea Party Bags Bob Bennett!

UPDATE:  I'm seeing a lot of reports in the MSM and blogs that Bennett was "driven" from office.

This is exactly why this election will be such an important referendum on incumbency.

Bennett was not "driven" from office.  His term was not renewed, by his constituents, at whose pleasure he serves. This is exactly how it is supposed to work.

Bob Bennett has, had, no right nor title to the office of Senator for the State Of Utah.  None of these barnacle-encrusted ingrown  fossils does.   Yet they act like they do, and the toadying media treats their tenure as a done deal, and these "public servants" feel no qualms about gerrymandering districts or ruining the reputations and lives of good men and women who challenge them, to pass their fiefs on to their handpicked successors or even children.

The best of them are engaged in a comprehensive betrayal of the trust of the people who sent them to Washington anytime they go along with this corrupt thieving DC system.  The worst of them are indulging in an  organized criminal conspiracy against the citizenry that Ferdinand Marcos could only dream of emulating... and there are far more of the worst than the best.

The people of Utah told Bennet exactly how they wanted him to vote on major issues.  He ignored their will and now it has, rightly, cost him his employment.

Utah's sitting senator, Bob Bennett, lost his  bid for re-election after being eliminated in the second round of balloting at the GOP state convention, the AP is reporting.
"It's time to get rid of the incumbents," said Kyle Hosman, a 39-year-old North Ogden delegate supporting (GOP candidate Mike) Lee. "Quite frankly I'm disgusted by what I've seen in Congress the past 10 years."

The defining trend of this election as a referendum on incumbency itself continues.

Hat tip: Moe Lane

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chuck Devore Speaks! Second Post

Some disturbing information about Fiorina and Iran towards the end of the clip...

Offend a Feminist Week -- Friday!

In the interests of true diversity, Three Beers Later is proud to present some thoughts by America's first "male feminist" -- Hawkeye Pierce. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce was a notorious distinguished veteran of the Korean Conflict, and went on, as per his biographer Dr. Richard Hooker, to a groundbreaking career with the famed New England 'Cardia Nostra' which brought the science of open-heart surgery to its fruition...
"Let us drink to the suborning of the patriarchy, my dear."
"Ooh, doctor... no man has talked to me like that since 
my freshperson English Lit professor..."

"I like to think I was years ahead of my time in the field of male-female relations,"said Dr. Pierce. "The early feminist creed of liberation through sexual activity was a godsend to men and women alike. "Oh, yeah, baby, empower yourself! Take charge of your sexuality! I'll help. Here, let me hold your ankles...

"Of course, then the lesbians took over NOW and things went all to hell... I mean seriously, women were being told they could have 'it' all, career and families both, by women who didn't want half of it... brought me a lot of new business and a lot of new competition in the singes bars, if you know what I mean...

Chuck Devore Speaks!

San Fernando Valley Republican Club:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Offend a Feminist Week -- Thursday!

Today's guest feminist blogger:
Chlamydia Shabazz X
A dedicated community organizer, Chlamydia Shabazz X's credentials include:
National Spokeswoman, Congress Of Racial Iniquity
East Coast Director, Southern Christian Organization for Retributionist Extortion
Regional Liaison, Surly Pack of Lesbian Combatants
Chlamydia recently made her BET debut hosting the financial advice program, "That's MY Mortgage, Mistah Man, and I'll Pay It When I'm Damned Good and Ready!"

"Why are we letting a bunch of honky beeyotches tell us what the issues are?!  Do they think we're dumb enough to abort 60% of OUR babies to make more room for their Mexican gardeners and gated communities?

"Uh, wait a minute..."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

David Obey Retires -- Exclusive TBL Video!

Bullying Bigmouth Democrat Congressman David Obey announced his retirement today, cutting and running from his Republican challengers.

Three Beers Later has obtained the following exclusive video of Obey performing the traditional "abandoning the sinking ship" ceremony as he cuts and runs from his beset President and Party.

And may I say no one has cut a more dashing figure on the water since John Kerry...

Offend a Feminist Week -- Wednesday!

Wednesday's entry response to the regrettable Offend a Feminist Week attempts to broaden the horizons of our conservative readership through the words of Maria Marisa Dolores Bonita Gonsalves Herrera, Ph.D., Chair of Hispanic Gender Studies at UC Santa Barbara.  Dr, Herrera is notable among the UCSB faculy as the only Ph.D candidate they were afraid to ask to defend her thesis.  Her professional publications include:

"Errol Flynn's Cuban Rebel Girls as Hispanic Feminist Metafiction"
"What was Lupe 'The Mexican Spitfire' Velez Spitting at?"
"Mi Hermana es su Hermana -- No Reasonable Offer Refused: The underground economy in Tijuana"
"You Only Care About the Glass Ceiling When You Want Me to Clean It for You"
Chingada su Madre! ¿Usted los maricones viene aquí, roba la parte de nuestro país con todos los caminos pavimentados, usted piensa que damos una maldición sobre sus nalgas blancas flacas gordas? ¿Tenemos una guerra el encenderse abajo aquí porque usted can' la subsistencia de t sus narices que moquea de la mesa de centro, y de usted quisiera que nos preocupáramos de usted que gana solamente ochenta centavos en un  dólar de los hombres? ¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA!”

(We apologize for the lack of a translation, but Miguel, our fully documented and absolutely no question about it legal typesetter suggested that some of the Doctor's comments might  not have been entirely on topic...TBL)

Update: Loose translation provided by my gardener, um, 'Sven,' yeah, Sven...

"Mother****ers!  You ******** come here, steal the part of our country with all the paved roads, and you want us to worry about YOUR flabby white asses.  We've got a ****ing WAR down here because you can't keep your noses off the coffee table and we're supposed to worry about you only making eighty cents to a man's dollar?   ¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA! ¡¡ARIZONA! ¡ATTICA!”

(Note: as best TBL can determine, "Attica" is some kind of ancient Aztec curse...

"The Constitution Is a Living, Breathing Document..."

"...I can fix that."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Henry "the Snout" Waxman, along with Bart ("Dead Babies are Bad, OK, dead babies are not so bad, er, hey, look at the pretty airports!") Stupac, have found out Halliburton worked on the exploded drilling rig in the Gulf.

Fresh from his triumphal attempt to investigate major corporations' health care write-offs, in which Waxman revealed that not only did he not understand the law they were obeying, but that he didn't even know it was a law he had voted for, Waxman is now promising to grill Halliburton on the technical details of an operation he is completely unfamiliar with in a field in which he has no education, experience or understanding.

Of course, as a 40-year Congressman, that covers pretty much any field, but face it, Halliburton could tell the Snout that they mixed a triple helping of fairy dust into the concrete to make sure it held and he would have no way of credibly challenging that assertion.  He hasn't even got the expertise to intelligently choose experts to challenge anything Halliburton might assert.

This is just another time-waster for the Congress and Halliburton, a money-waster for the American people, and a credibility-waster for the American press who will treat this like some kind of significant investigation.

Offend a Feminist Week --Tuesday!

I personally am shocked! shocked! that such sexism still exists in this country!  To offset such rampant swinehood, let me offer another guest poster in rebuttal:

Vanessa Brattigan-Brown-Lambert-Evans
MBA Wharton School of Business
Personnel Relations, New York Times, DDBO, Procter & Gamble, Universal Studios 1999-2004
Independent Consultant, 2004-
Nationwide Guest Lecturer:
"Tenure Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means, Professor"
"Divorce as Long-Term Career Track"
"Enhancing the Hostile Workplace Environment for Maximum Return"

"Learn those basic office skills, ladies!  You might not understand why you need to take dictation in the modern office, but believe me, you'll get it in the end!"

Monday, May 3, 2010


UPDATE -- Service Restored!

Dear Little Miss Attila reader:

I apologize for the fact that my weblog is offline once more. I've put in an inquiry with my hosting service, and assume that there's been some sort of administrative problem. We should have this fixed by mid-morning tomorrow.


Joy McCann

Offend a Feminist Week -- Monday!

The Other McCain announces National Offend a Feminist Week.  Naturally I would never get involved with anything so chauvinist and reprehensible, even with the horrible example of this eeeeeeevil reighwinger teabagger white supremacist...

...so I'll be opening up this blog to genuine actual female type feminists to offer their insights into the event...

Today's contributor:

4.0 GPA
Mitzi likes kittens, sunny days and long walks carrying heavy placards to defy the patriarchy.  Turnoffs? War, global warming and people who wear fedoras when they should be wearing gimme caps.

"Hey, sisters!  Throw away those birkenstocks!  And shave 'em every once in awhile, okay?  It will do you a WORLD of good!"

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