Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

rule 5 -- making Juliana Moreira!

Rule 5 -- Denise Milani

It's been a good weekend so far...

Had some fun this weekend.

updated: Crap. Fergot to mention.  Car rolls to a stop right in front of us,  Out of gas.  I set down all my flags'n'signs'n'stuff to help push it out of the way.  Then I realize I'm pushing a Prius.  Out of gas.  Ah, life's little pleasures...

Friday night, some fun new signs:

 Then a fellow came by with a camcorder, claimed to be a reformed Democrat who worked with Howard Zinn once and produced the "People Speak" series for the History Channel.  He let Deborah Leigh and I speak our piece.  God knows what will happen in the editing, of course, but we had our say, so no complaints so far.

Wade, the block commissar for the lefty group we counterprotest every week, saw the camera and came over.  He scurried around trying to stay off-camera and eavesdrop on what we were saying at the same time.  Wade loves doing this crap, I think he thinks he's being a fish swimming in the sea of the people or something; it's a regular pleasure to follow him around the LA Tea Party rallies pointing him out to everybody.

Saturday, went to the blogger meet hosted in Santa Monica by Ladd Ehrlinger, Jr., creator of the famous Dale Petersen campaign ad, before a busy day of generating viral videos for GOP candidates tired of relying on the flaccid CA GOP leadership.  Joy showed up from Little Miss Attila, along with JSF of Valley of the Shadow,Gay Patriot and Congressional Candidate Mattie Fein and her campaign manager Alli, along with John S. Thomas, the man who exposed the Daily Breeze's blatant and arrogant partiality... as well as the Master of the Tip Jar his own self, Robert Stacy McCain.  I sent Smitty some photos of the event to post, and I may send more, unless we can come to an equitable split of the tip jar take...

...and then in the checkout line on the way home I found myself in line in front of a cute blonde wearing a T-shirt that read "I only date Republicans."

Whereupon Deborah Leigh hit me.  I don't know why.


Happy Feet -- Gwen Verdon -- LOLA!

Friday, August 13, 2010

States petition Eric Holder and DOJ to interfere with troops' votes!

Twelve states have applied for waivers from protecting military voters in the 2010 election: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, and the District of Columbia.

The current legislation requires the states to ship ballots to the troops at least 45 days prior to the election to ensure they are received and counted.  In the last Presidential election at least 17,000 GI votes were never tallied because they were not received timely.  The Pentagon is authorized to grant such waivers but is obviously reluctant to, so these states (Alaska, what the HELL are you doing running with these dirtbags?) are petitioning DOJ to somehow intervene.

This is horsecrap from a particularly sick and runny horse.  I volunteer with Operation Gratitude, and they can get a package from the US to any soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan within a week, and these state governments can't mail a ballot?  They can't be returned timely?

Here's a wild idea: count the fricking ballots at the fricking embassies.  Even the State Department can work a damned e-mail.   Then send the hardcopies along for validation at your leisure.  This is nothing but a blatant attempt by "blue" states to eliminate what they fear will be "red" ballots from their elections.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

F*** Tea? I have a better idea...

"My Dad's In Iraq..."

Merlin Froyd for Congress!

Running against Howard Berman...

SEIU Intimidation and Harassment Outside Meg Whitman Rally

I have scant regard for Meg Whitman who I regard as one of the two "Gabor sisters" (along with Fiorina) who bought the GOP nominations for Governor and Senate this year.  But I may have to vote for the harpy if only for the enemies she makes...

New Key Demographic Turns On Obama...

Former Foetuses Snub President...

Child struggles desperately as President tries 
to suck out its soul...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pelosi and Democrats continue their purge of the nation's black leadership...

John Conyers -- helped his wife to deliver on deals after she accepted bribes
 — felony charges for wife and a three-year sentence

Chris Dodd -- Took $1,000,000 "mortgage" from Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide
 while on the Senate banking committee to pay for Irish "cottage" — no charges

William "Cold Cash" Jefferson — Kickback money in his fridge — 
tried and convicted

Diane Feinstein — steered between 1.3 and 3 BILLION dollars in no-bid VA 
contracts to companies she and her husband had interests in — no charges

Maxine Waters helped her husband's bank -- Charged

Barney Frank -- Slept with Fannie Mae chairman he was supposed
 to be  regulating --No charges

Charlie Rangel -- Obtained rent-controlled NYC apartments — charges pending

Nancy Pelosi — steered over $200 million in no-bid government contracts to
companies she and her family have interests in — no charges.

Something seems out of balance here.  One of these things is obviously not like the other... what oh what could the difference be?

As a white man and de facto raaaaacist, I for one welcome the Democratic Party's return to its roots, and congratulate Ms. Pelosi for her willingness to reach across the aisle.

If you're black, no slack — 
if you're white, s'alright!
Democrats — upholding a proud tradition of race relations since 1860...

Eva Mendes Sex Tape!

OK, I like this woman.  Does anybody know if she likes bacon sandwiches?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

List of Information, Implication and Insinuation

Three Beers Later!

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